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Your Least Common Opinion?


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To confirm, I actually have Fury placed at #21, so just shy of the Top 20 lol. I believe the highest I ever had it was #17 a couple years ago. For reference, I got Montu and Storm Runner directly above it.

I mean, any ride placing in my Top 30 isn't something to laugh at. There's just better rides out there. :p


Symbolica is a bit meh.

Also it is not trackless. It has a track albeit an electronic one. Rail-less certainly but not trackless.
I somewhat agree, the vehicle movement is weird and slow and feels like it's always faffing about between scenes slowly or waiting for the other cars to move off. I can't put my finger on exactly why but the ride doesn't flow or feel satisfying.

But that said it's so gorgeous. I had a re-ride after adjusting my expectations and Symbolica really hit the spot. It's more a chilling and looking at things ride than a dynamic adventure.


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Nemesis is not the best coaster at Towers.
Kumali is as good as a B&M invert.
Olympia Looping is not that intense.
Rita is actually awesome (but Stealth is better of course).
Stealth is better than Red Force.
Odyssey is the worst coaster in the UK, waste of ****ing money.
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With recently announced Disney news, I’ve just thought of another one; in an odd sort of way, I actually kind of liked DinoRama at Animal Kingdom...


Steel Vengeance isn't as good as Maverick

After waiting a decade to ride I was pleased but somehow expecting more. I did think SV was fantastic, and genuinely not because everyone else said so and it was near impossible to go against the grain in 2019.

Its funny how expectations play into how much you like something.

Legoland Windsor is fab!
There's a behind the scenes documentary on channel 5 in the uk this Sunday.

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I’ve got another few:
  • Rush at Thorpe Park is my favourite UK flat ride; I never hear an awful lot of love for it, but I think it has some great airtime at the peak of each swing, a great sense of speed, and on the whole, I absolutely love it as far as flat rides go!
  • Excluding Tower of Terror, HangOver at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is my favourite traditional drop tower, and it was also by far my favourite ride at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland; seeing as it’s a travelling ride, my expectations weren’t too high, but I was really pleasantly surprised!
  • Detonator at Thorpe Park is my favourite permanent drop tower in the UK.
  • Euro Coaster was my favourite roller coaster at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.
  • I did not enjoy Air Race at Drayton Manor at all; probably the closest I’ve come to being physically sick after stepping off a ride.
  • Tower of Terror is by far my favourite ride at Walt Disney World and one of my all-time favourite theme park attractions.
  • I prefer Wicker Man to Mine Blower (random comparison, I know, but they’re the two post-2000 woodies I’ve been on, and most seem to prefer Mine Blower out of the two by a considerable distance).
  • The UK 2018 duo, Icon and Wicker Man, are my two favourite UK coasters (Icon just edges it, but Wicker Man is extremely close behind; I absolutely adore both).
I actually enjoyed Sky Force at BPB during re-opening weekend.
I couldn't stop spinning. The wind probably helped or I'm just getting the knack of it.

They should install a huge wind machine fan.
Let's do this. Black Mamba at Phantasialand ran increadibly rough on my last visit. There was alot of headbanging and the nasty B&M rattle. I left the ride wondering if my ears had fallen off. This puts it 8th in the park for me after Taron, Mystery Castle, Talocan, Chiapas, Colorado Adventure and the two Winjas. Atleast it's pretty to look at but too rough to enjoy due to the hard platic OTSRs ;).

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I have an uncommon opinion that I’m not sure if I’ve ever posted before; does anyone else prefer the front of Megafobia at Oakwood to the back? I always hear people rave about back row Megafobia, but I think I find it a bit too brutal at the very back, personally.

For me, front row is where it’s at; even though the first drop on the back is extraordinary, I think it’s a lot smoother in the front, and you also get pushed up in to some of the hills for some really nice sustained floater that you don’t get at the back!

Oddly, I only found it rough at the very back of the train; I rode front and middle, which were both fine, and I even think I might have ridden slightly towards the back again, which was also fine. It was only the very back row that I found rough.


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Perhaps this is a simply a sign of its age, (both that 20 years have taken a toll and that we now got Intamins, GCIs and RMCs and through no fault of its own it just doesn't hold up now):

Boulder Dash is kind of lackluster.
Now, I said that 7 years ago but it was a cruddy day and only got one ride.
Well, got back from Lake Compounce, it was warm, sunny, made sure to get multiple rides (I mean it was a dead day) some near front, back, middle.

It was just....solid. I mean it was fun. Fun ride, and it's tough to beat flying through the woods, but the first half was kind of weak, the second half was better but still the air was just pops, and not like the GCI ones. tbh was a bit slow coming into the breaks. Like I swear in old POVs you could feel the air through the screen and it hauled ass to the end, which is what people always said and "omg you barely touch the seat before you're out again!" and I tried...kept belt loose, lap bar far, even kept my feet up and the air just wasn't there.

Im sure in the day it was wild, and I will always regret missing it though it was nearby, but yeah...either its not the same, or I've experienced too much else that's better but ya know some much older rides still hold up but Boulder Dash...not so sure
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Silver Star is better than Expedition GeForce.

Being 6ft 4 I found the Expedition GeForce restraints ridiculously uncomfortable. B&M trains are so much nicer for someone of my size.


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I don't understand the hype of RMC's and Alan.

I finally had the change to ride an RMC hybride and I didn't like it.
Knowing that I base my opinion on dozens of pov's and just one coaster cred. I believe that these coasters are way too chaotic.

The coaster ridden was Untamed at Walibi Holland. The barrel roll at the end is a nice touch and it is better than Robin Hood. But I missed a good flow overall.
I like how you being thrown out of your seat in Taron for instance. But how this worked on Untamed felt off. One bump after another, no change to enjoy the speed.
I don't think that the over-banked had the characteristics to be an inversion as well.

Note: I am well aware that this is based on just one coaster. But it confirmed what I thought, seeing pov's of others. And I prefer launched coaster over any other type.
I guess some people love the smooth calm ride you get on a B&M and even some Intamins (Hyperion feels lika a rough B&M hyper) and some love the caothic style of a RMC such as Untamed and Wildfire. I woulnt put Zadra on that list as it dosnt have such a strong "throwing you around" characteristic. Zadra is more a big gracious RMC. I'm all for the "getting thrown around like there's no tommorow" but sometimes a calmer ride might be better. On thing is sure, you will be dead after 10 rides in a row on Wildfire while on Zadra you could keep going for another 10 (if you bother walking for so long ;)).


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Mack coasters from Blue Fire onwards are average at best.

I'll admit, this is only coming from a sample size of 3 (Blue Fire, Helix, Lost Gravity) , but I've never come off one and thought that they were a world-class ride, my general reaction has always been a kind of "Well that was fun enough... I'm going off to ride something better".
Even looking at POV's of other coasters, namely Icon and Copperhead Strike, they just come across like the meander and don't really know what it is they want to accomplish with the layout.

I'm hoping the Plopsa spinner will break this since I'm hoping the spinning will be enough to offset the "averageness" of the layout