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Your Boomerang/SLC Count.



Boomerang- Bellewaerde
Speed of Sound- Walibi Holland
Wipeout- Pleasurewood Hills

Family boomerang:

Raik- Phantasialand
Boomerang- Energylandia
Velociraptor-Paultons Park


Rollercoaster Mayan- Energylandia
Infusion- BPB
Condor- Walibi Holland


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The Wacky Worm Count thread made me think it was time to see how much other rubbish I've got in my count again...

Boomerang - Bellewaerde
Boomerang - Walibi Belgium
Speed of Sound - Walibi Holland

Inverted Boomerang
Triops - Bagatelle

Vampire - Walibi Belgium
(H)el Condor - Walibi Holland
MP Express - Movie Park Germany
Infusion - Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Mayan - Energylandia
Kumali - FlamingoLand

Currently making up about 4.7% of my count. ?

May as well include these so it's less depressing...
Junior Boomerangs
Ben 10 - Drayton Manor
Raik - Phantasialand
Boomerang - Energylandia
Velociraptor - Paultons Park


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I've never broken them down. Why not? :p

  1. Bat, Canada's Wonderland
  2. Carolina Cobra, Carowinds
  3. Boomerang Coast to Coaster, Darien Lake
  4. Flashback, Great Escape
  5. Sidewinder, Hersheypark
  6. Boomerang, Knotts Berry Farm
  7. Boomerang, La Ronde
  8. Zoomerang, Lake Compounce
  9. Boomerang Coast to Coaster, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
  10. Flashback, Six Flags New England
  11. Cobra, Walibi Belgium
  12. Speed of Sound, Walibi Holland
  13. Boomerang, Wiener Prater
  14. Boomerang, Worlds of Fun

  1. Silver Streak, Canada's Wonderland
  2. Flying ACE Aerial Chase, Carowinds
  3. Freedom Flyer, Fun Spot America (Orlando)
  4. Kvasten, Grona Lund
  5. Flying ACE Aerial Chase, Kings Island
  6. Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Flyer, Movie Park Germany
  7. Flight of the Pterosaur, Paultons Park

  1. Stunt Fall, Parque Warner Madrid

  1. Invertigo, Kings Island

Junior Boomerangs
  1. Volldampf, Erlebnispark Tripsdrill
  2. Velociraptor, Paultons Park
  3. Raik, Phantasialand

  1. Infusion, Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  2. Flight Deck, Canada's Wonderland
  3. Mind Eraser, Darien Lake
  4. Kumali, Flamingo Land Theme Park & Zoo
  5. Blue Tornado, Gardaland
  6. Limit, Heide Park Resort
  7. T3, Kentucky Kingdom
  8. Ednor - l'Attaque, La Ronde
  9. Thunderhawk, Michigan's Adventure
  10. MP-Xpress, Movie Park Germany
  11. Mind Eraser, Six Flags America
  12. Kong, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
  13. Mind Eraser, Six Flags New England
  14. Vampire, Walibi Belgium
  15. Condor, Walibi Holland

How fun.