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Your Boomerang/SLC Count.


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Oh stop whinging, everyone loves a good list topic, and you know it. :)
Feels like more of a shaming topic than a bragging topic this one, but hey, so be it.

There are 27 standard Vekoma SLC's on the database (42 if you count the customs and the prototypes).
There are also 52 Vekoma Boomerangs on the database.
How many of each have you been on? (I was gonna do Vekoma's in general but there's over 300 of 'em altogether so I figured I'd narrow it down a bit to make it more manageable.)

I'm quite happy to be a bit basic in this one. I only have 3 standard SLC's - the one at Walibi Holland, the one at Canada's Wonderland and the one at Blackpool. Would have been 4, but the one at Heide spited me. Yay!
I also have 2 of the custom ones - Kumali and Odyssey.
Fun fact: despite me being an old git, and these coasters being around for ages, I never actually rode one until 2007 (Walibi).

I only have 3 standard boomerangs too, and even though these have been around even longer than SLC's, I never actually rode one until 2009! Can you believe that? (Would have been 2007 but the one at Walibi spited me. Yay!)
That one in Cleethorpes was first. Since then I've added 2 more - the one at Knotts and the one at CW, plus 2 of the junior models at Drayton Manor and Paulton's.

I've yet to sample an Invertigo or a GIB (the one at SFMM spited me. Yay!)

Brag away, people. Feel free to rank them if you wish... but that seems kinda pointless to me. They're all rubbish! :)


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21 boomerangs - but 2 relocated, so really 19 (and 3 of the GIBs as well).
20 SLCs - but 1 relocated too, so a nice symmetrical 19 there as well.


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For a count in the low hundreds I've ridden a fair few of these:

Demon (Wonderland Sydney)
Boomerang (Walibi Sud-Oust)
Boomerang (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

Lethal Weapon (Warner Bros Movie World Australia)
Kong (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)
Infusion (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

So three and three, nice even spread. I wonder how many people will have equal counts.

In terms of quality the boomerangs all felt equal to me. Kong is by far the roughest SLC and Infusion is my fave due to that feet chopper waterfall thing after the Stengel dive.

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23 Boomerangs and 24 SLCs of varying models. Plus 3 Invertigos and 4 GIBs. Feel a bit dirty.
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I've ridden 24 Boomerangs. Only been spited by the one at Fantasilandia (down due to an accident the previous week), which says a lot about their reliability. However, I only ever got a good ride on the one at Tivoli Karolinelund and Speed of Sound had enough distractions to keep my mind off of how bad the ride was. Cobra's trains also helped the ride be more bearable, but the rest are awful (including ones with the new Vekoma trains like T3).
My SLC count is at 23 and can stay there. Only had decent rides on Kumali and Vampire (surprisingly), but I really enjoyed Odyssey and would definitely go back to Fantasy Island for re-rides.
I've also been on 4 GIBs and have ridden one of them at two different parks (SFMM & SFNE). Only 3 of the 4 Invertigos since I was spited by Two Face, but I should get that the next time I'm in Italy.
Then there's 11 Family SLCs and the one Family Boomerang (Ben 10).


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Only been spited by the one at Fantasilandia (down due to an accident the previous week), which says a lot about their reliability.
I do agree with that. It's a really rare occurence for a boomerang to be down! Fun fact: None of the known Vekoma Boomerang coasters has ever been scrapped. That's some great track record right here!

As for me, I believe I've done 3 Boomerangs (Prater, Walibi Belgium, Walibi Holland) and 4 SLCs (Gardaland, Pleasure Beach Blackpool, Walibi Holland, Walibi Belgium; the one in Movie Park Germany spited). Oh, and the GIB that used to be in SFMM.


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Ha, nice thread. I'm bored so I'll do some ranking

Speed of Sound, Walibi Holland - Better restraints, music, actually really fun!
Kumali, Flamingoland - I don't hate Kumali. It can be pretty fun, it doesn't have the horrible roughness from what I remember. Nice simple layout that doesn't wear out its welcome.
Wipeout, Pleasurewood Hills - I remember thinking this was pretty fun
Cobra, Power Park - Remember precisely nothing about Cobra, which, for a boomerang, is probably as good as it gets
Limit, Heide Park - Grim
Infusion, Blackpool - Grimmer
Cobra, Walibi Belgium - The ride that ruined Neal's day. Much headbanging
El Condor, Walibi Holland - After we waited fifteen minutes for the contraption to release a lone victim from the last run, I boarded, thinking "people say it's worse than the others. Surely it can't be that bad." It. Was.


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Whoa. Zero SLCs (not even the family ones, by any manufacturer) and zero Boomerangs, neither the original nor the family layout, invert or not. Zero Big Apples or Wacky Worms too, come to think of it.

Please don't ban me.


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^Dude, to be fair, that's actually pretty impressive! You should try and keep it that way - be the only goon in the world to never ride a boomerang or an SLC. What an achievement!


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6 Boomerangs. Best of the lot is Sidewinder, with Speed of Sound in 2nd place.
4 SLCs. Limit, Mind Eraser, Infusion and Condor. Limit was very slightly less crap than the other 3.
3 Family Boomerangs. Raik, Ben 10 and Velociraptor, Raik smashes the others.
1 GIB - Goliath
1 Invertigo - Stinger


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I think I've done 10 SLCs, 9 Boomerangs and 1 inverted Boomerang.

Interestingly, that's also 10 SLCs, 9 Boomerangs and 1 inverted Boomerang too many.


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Wipeout - Pleasuewood Hills
Boomerang - Pleasure Island
Speed Of Sound - Walibi Holland

Kumali - Flamingoland
Infusion - BPB
Odyssey - Fantasy Island
Blue Tornado - Gardaland
El Condor - Walibi Holland

Junior Boomerang:
Ben 10 - Drayton
Velociraptor - Paultons
Raik - Phantasialand

Flying School - Legoland Florida
Freedom Flyer - Fun Spot
Flight of The Pterosaur - Paultons
Kvasten - Grona

Diabolik - Movieland


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I've got:
11 Boomerangs (plus the boomerang that isn't at toverland)
2 gibs
9 slcs (plus the 2 intamin tornados)
2 sfcs (plus raik)


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Junior Boomerang:

Not many but then again maybe that's a good thing.