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You know you're CF-ing it too much when...


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When you see these in a supermarket and buy them just because:



When you look down from a high building floor and see the tops of cars and trees, and it reminds you of looking down from a lift hill.


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... the last thing you think about in bed is future coaster types
... you drive round a small roundabout pretending to go through Maverick's direction changes
... all your computers/phones/games consoles have coasters as backgrounds/screensavers
... you want tat for Christmas
... you realize it's 10am and you've done nothing but CF since arriving at work

All the above in the past 24 hours...


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When you see an extra credit question on a test and you instantly think your gonna get a +1

Edit: After posting this I realized you actually can get a +1 for an extra credit :lol: (though not an actual coaster, just an extra point :()

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ava1enzue1a said:
When you're looking at radio towers imagining how tall a particular roller coaster would be compared to it.

I could quote this a thousand times. You don't understand how much I do this.

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^My class took a trip to DC last spring. When I found out that the Washington Monument was five hundred fifty-something feet I immediately compared it to Dragster and Kingda Ka.


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When your sister's friend that happens to be a roller coaster enthusiast as well finds your sister and tells her "I found a bunch of your brother's posts online!" (Guilty!)


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Glennderp said:
When you play Gran Turismo in Nurburgring just to see Ring Racer...

It's modeled a LOT better in the F1 games. In Gran Turismo it's almost like they haven't bothered and rather disappointing!