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WTF Merlin?


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That’s how it’s done.



Even if just it's temporary doesn't mean it should be a shambles or unprofessional. This does not give the aura or confidence this is at the UKs supposed premier park.

Quick fixes often stay longer than the original intent - if it was good enough at the time, why not a bit longer.


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In the mid-2000s, there were actually a load of signs around Alton reading 'This is a temporary sign' - which made me think of exam papers 'this page is left blank'.

I quite like the temporary closed look, but I won't do if this is the shape of things to come - the digital signs are unreliable enough without needing manually updating!

Nicky Borrill

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Given this is how Gruffalo's looked on opening day in March

Source - https://live.themeparkguide.biz/?event=Chessington 2020 Preview Day&_ga=2.94914972.1241293446.1593010504-1327971191.1592582375

I would recommend having some BBQ sauce on standby - it's quite nice with words in my experiences... ;)
BBQ Sauce on standby... ? Only Maccies BBQ of course...

Although looking at that, the surround is clearly intended to be covered as it has measurement markings around it... ?Fingers crossed it’s done by July 4th... I’m on a diet!!!


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SBR is a good, obtainable sauce here in the Uk, if I'm struggling with getting my fave then there aren't many others I'll pop out to the shops and get.

WTF Merlin! Start using SBR in Woodcutters.

Matt N

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Apparently the reason for Thirteen not opening is due to the fact that it pretty much needs a full train to run (I think it’s 18 riders?), so operating it wouldn’t be viable with social distancing.

I’m not 100% sure on Rita, though...