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WTF Merlin?


Really poor day out at Towers today. Wicker Man was closed all day for winter maintenance, Smiler opened at about 12 then shut for the day 2 hours later, one train all day on Rita with a queue way past the tunnel. Rides were breaking down left right and centre which at Towers is especially frustrating because it takes 15 minutes to walk between areas only to have to turn back because nothing is open at the place you just arrived.

Blade and Enterprise were closed all day too which meant there were no proper flat rides, the only things worth going on as a group of adults were the six (ish) big coasters, Hex, Duel and the aquarium. That was it. I went in with low expectations as it's so early in the season but I still came away disappointed, this just didn't feel worth the long drive and booking a days annual leave.

Nice to get a coaster fix after the long and gruelling winter though. Plus Oblivion was pumping out mist like I hadn't seen in years, looked great.


^A few of us are going tomorrow, can't wait to experience the chaos for myself.
Best of luck buddy! Hopefully they've learned some lessons from today so tomorrow runs a bit smoother.

I've seen on Towers' Twitter that Wicker Man will be closed tomorrow so my advice is to do Rita as soon as you're through the turnstiles as it will probably be one train again. The park felt quiet today (not many people clogging the paths) so if there's better ride availability the queues shouldn't be too bad.

But most likely it will be a mess of a day again!