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Would you ride this? (Dodgy looking rides)


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They should at least use duct/gaffer tape. :lol:
Yeah, I would & I'd make a POV of it as well. :wink:
I actually don't think I would. I'll go to a random pizza place to get a credit somewhere, but there are a few coasters I won't ride (certain spinning coasters, and...toboggans.) I won't ride a regular toboggan because of the constant round-and-round on the way down, and how uncomfortable the "car" is. This thing probably wouldn't make me throw up after, but I'd probably be dead...


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Might as well. Going to die anyways.

They both look interesting enough, but nightmarish.


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Hahaha Jerry I was gunna mention the selotape. Proper funny. I'd go on it, but it'd be one of the few rides that made me nervous, purely because I WOULD be fearing for my life haha.


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Jools said:
I don't give a crap if it hurts, I have only ever experienced pain on 1 coaster: Corkscrew - Flamingo Land (thanks to my sister hwo chose the back seats), and it didn't even bother me that much, and all... well most rides are passed as safe, so why not.
Consider yourself lucky.
For both of them, definitely.

For the second one...a NAD? From 2004, with no clear history before that? And it's steel, a shuttle, and looping?!
Wow. That's *really* interesting!!


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I'd want to see a video first before deciding :lol: . Its either going to fall apart or cause an injury by the looks of it. Also I reckon the loop would be pretty forecful as its very compact and just after the drop.
You would probably need a life insurance policy. :lol:

If I went on the ride, I'd probably be cursing everyone :lol:

If you went on the ride in the first picture, and there was a power cut, how would they evacuate it, especially in the tunel :?: :lol:


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I'm quite surprised nobody's mentioned this yet...

Action Park's infamous looping water slide!

Would you ride it?
I wouldn't (and I probably won't even ride the newer [much safer] looping water slides either :p)!

For the coasters here, the Toboggan thing is a definite, but I'ld definitely have to watch the shuttle looping thing first.


'This shuttle loop does not use an electric motor to lift the car up the hill. It is lifted up the hill by "human" power.'

That changes my mind about the second coaster a bit, and certainly not to the first one.
I'd do all 3. In fact, I really want to go on that flume one. Looks interesting. Remember that it would be linear g-force because you're lying down, not vertical.

And, riding a coaster might be painful, but

Mr Nash said:
No doubt I'd be crapping it though.

This sounds painfull-er.

Martyn B

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At first glance, I definitely ride the first coaster, but after seeing that second pic, I dunno....