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Would you ride this? (Dodgy looking rides)


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Chance Toboggan crossed with a Togo Looping Wild Mouse..



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Yes. Even though it looks like it'll be painful it's a credit and it's different as well. :)


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All I can say is: OWWWWW!!!

Never, not even for the credit. I have been on a Chance Toboggan, and they're quite bad themselves, and I haven't heard many good things about TOGOs...

But seriously, risking paralysis is not worth a credit.


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Wait, did they seriously rig up a chance toboggan and inserted their own track?


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I don't give a crap if it hurts, I have only ever experienced pain on 1 coaster: Corkscrew - Flamingo Land (thanks to my sister hwo chose the back seats), and it didn't even bother me that much, and all... well most rides are passed as safe, so why not.


When I went on a Chance Toboggan that was pretty bad (in terms of the ride and the roughness) but it was strangely enjoyable and caused me to laugh :D

So yes, I'd probably ride both of those too :D

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Knowing its in China, and by the looks of the rust and celotape around the headrests... I'd say no, anywhere else in the world, I'd say yes.