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Who has conquered the U.S.?


Mega Poster
This is where my relative lack of credits begins to show itself... according to Captain Coaster, I’ve ridden 26 roller coasters in the USA, all of which are within the state of Florida.

However, this also includes 4 defunct roller coasters (the two Dragon Challenges and the two Primeval Whirls), so out of the 767 operating coasters in the USA, I’ve done a grand total of 22, or about 2.87% of the total operating coasters in the USA.

So I’m still a fair distance away from “conquering the USA”...
I'm even worse. Only 20 coasters done so far, 22 if counting Primeval Whirl. Luckily, we are going to Magic Springs, then we have a possible trip to Six Flags Saint Louis, then we are going back to Dollywood for Wildwood Grove, then we have that big mid-Atlantic trip for next year.

So that 20 coasters count should go up by this time next year.