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Whats Your Favorite Networking Website?

Whats Your Favorite?

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East Coast(er) General
Aerith said:
Tbh alot of my college friends are on Youtube so im on there the most.
You haven't sent me a youtube friend request. Please send one to me at youtube.com/AidanHawk
Anyone else who cares to please feel free to do so as well.


New Member
I have both Facebook and MySpace but I use Facebook for social networking and MySpace for music promotion. Since I use them for different things I keep both accounts, but if I didn't I would probably just have Facebook.


Mushroom said:
Oh this is what i say the top 3 are for:
Bebo: Young Teen (around 13)
Myspace: mid teen (around 15)
Facebook: 18+

My heart still lies with Myspace. I have a Facebook but I don't even get it and it just seems boring. Everyone who I know also seems to be getting Facebook, but no one ever uses it so Myspace it is!


Well-Known Member
Nowadays I only use Facebook, but I still love the "childishness" of Bebo so that gets my vote :)