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What is your top 10 to do list?


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Lightning Rod (spited) now top 20
X2 (spited) still top 10
T-Express still top 10
Hyperion became a favourite
Mako became a favourite
Taron its really good
Hagrids its really good
Gravity Max now top 20
Pyrenees still top 10
Flying Aces its really good

Expected Future Additions:

F.L.Y. became a favourite
Iron Gwazi its really good
Parc Asterix & Walibi Belgium projects both really good and ones a favourite

Looking back I'm so pleased how well this went. But there's always more! I would not have expected Lightning Rod to get bumped for anything else but here we are.

X2 (same spite)
Starfall Racers (either will do if I cant have 2 for 1)
ArieForce One
DC Rivals

China has blossomed with so many appealing rides but until the success rate of actually getting on them looks brighter these will stay in limbo:

Harpy (B&M Flying SBNO) / Coaster Through the Clouds (Intamin Hyper) / Flight of the Himalayan Eagle Music Roller Coaster (B&M Hyper) / Aurora Flying Coaster (Jinma Flying) / Beyond the Cloud (Mack launched with top hat) / Dueling Dragons (the sit down and inverted Intamin combo) / Soaring with Dragon (Intamin non inverting loop) / Any new Vekoma, B&M, S&S air launched or wooden coaster.


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Ha, I do honestly enjoy watching people find their old posts and updating them or questioning why they wanted things they wanted at the time ❤️ makes me wanna go back and find all my posts to figure out how many of my To-Do's I did eventually.... do


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Well I crossed 3 of my top 10 to do off my list this past weekend in Fury 325, ArieForce One and Lightning Rod this weekend. Updated top 10 to follow once I've had a week to let those settle to try to reduce recency bias. But I still can do my new top 10 to do list:

1. Skyrush - As it is such a polarizing coaster, I want to see where I land on it. Planning to get June 2024
2. Intimidator 305 - Everybody raves about its intensity and this would complete the US giga collection for me. Planning to get June 2024.
3. Iron Gwazi - Really want to give this one a whirl due to the fact that it looks unique for an RMC
4. Velocicoaster - Potential #1 coaster so it has to be up there, right?!
5. X2 - Another uber intense coaster that I need to experience
6. Phoenix - An airtime machine that is consistently rated the best woody, do I think it'll be for me... no! But I want to try and planning to get June 2024.
7. Ghostrider - Ranked as an elite woody, want to try.
8. Gold Striker - This would complete what is considered the elite GCIs of the US for me.
9. Wildcats Revenge - This looks like a potential top 3 US RMC so yeah. Planning to get June 2024.
10. Superman the Ride (SFNE) - I want to give this coaster a whirl. Planning to get June 2024.


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Hmmm, let me think:

1. Ride To Happiness @ Plopsaland de Panne
2. Kondaa @ Walibi Belgium
3. Toutatis @ Parc Asterix
4. Kärnan @ Hansa-Park
5. Taiga @ Linnanmäki
6. Piraten @ Djurs Sommerland
7. Taron @ Phantasialand
8. Fly @ Phantasialand
9. Hullámvasút @ Zoo Budapest, I really hope this coaster reopens soon
10. Hyper Coaster @ Land of Legends
11. Hyperia / Voltron, Both aren't open yet, but I can't wait to do them
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At least I knocked off Steel Curtain in the last four years. :p

New Top 10:
  1. Lightning Rod - DW (yes, still)
  2. Goliath - SFGA
  3. Leap the Dips - Lakemont
  4. Leviathan - CW
  5. Superman: ROS - SFNE
  6. Viper - Darien Lake
  7. Medusa - SFDK
  8. Canyon Blaster - Great Escape
  9. Whizzer - SFGA
  10. Goliath - La Ronde
I’m heartened to see you’re saving Canyon Blaster for a special occasion. It’s not just any old coaster that defies physics by having two lift hills and no drop.


Theme Park Superhero
Time Travel - Hot Go Park
Iron Rattler - SFFT
Arieforce One - Fun Spot Atlanta
Any Vekoma Top Gun Launch Coaster - Fantawilds

Launch Roller Coaster - Sun Tzu Cultural Park - spite!
Beyond the Cloud - Suzhou Amusement Land Forest World - spite!
Ultra Twister - Rusutsu Resort
Leviathan - Canada's Wonderland
Leviathan - Sea World Australia
Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce
Cosmic Rewind - Epcot
Cannibal - Lagoon
Medusa Steel Coaster - Six Flags Mexico
Batman Gotham City Escape - Parque Warner Madrid


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Here's 10 that I actually have concrete plans for:

Iron Gwazi
Wildcat's Revenge
ArieForce 1
Fury 325
Lightning Rod

All being well, these should all be ticked off by next summer.
And here's another 10 that are more of a wish list, with no plans currently in place.

Formula Rossa
Steel Dragon 2000
Boulder Dash
DC Rivals
Falcon's Flight... if it ever opens.
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So for Europe...

1. Zadra - Energylandia
2. Wildfire - Kolmarden
3. Taiga - Linnanmaki
4. Batman: Gotham City Escape - Parque Warner Madrid
5. Taron - Phantasialand
6. Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park
7. Lech Coaster - Legendia
8. Hyperion - Energylandia
9. F.L.Y - Phantasialand
10. Voltron - Europa Park

For the world

1. Steel Vengeance - Cedar Point
2. Iron Gwazi - Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
3. Velocicoaster - Islands of Adventure
4. Hakugai - Nagashima Spa Land
5. Arie Force One - Fun Spot Atlanta
6. Eijanaika - Fuji-Q Highland
7. The Voyage - Holiday World
8. Fury 325 - Carrowinds
9. Beyond the Cloud - Suzhou Amusement Land Forest World
10. Wood Coaster - Knight Valley


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  1. hyperion (energylandia)
  2. BMGCE (parq waner madrid
  3. velocicoaster (IOA)
  4. toutatis (parc asterix)
  5. beyond the cloud (Suzho)
  6. wildfire (kolmarden)
  7. taron (phatasialand)
  8. abyssus (energylandia)
  9. zadra (energylandia)
  10. DC rivals hyper coaster (movie world austrialia)


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  1. hyperion (energylandia)
  2. BMGCE (parq waner madrid
  3. velocicoaster (IOA)
  4. toutatis (parc asterix)
  5. beyond the cloud (Suzho)
  6. wildfire (kolmarden)
  7. taron (phatasialand)
  8. abyssus (energylandia)
  9. zadra (energylandia)
  10. DC rivals hyper coaster (movie world austrialia)
Abyssus above Zadra, that's one I hadn't seen. Also nice to see RMC topper tracks still getting hype!


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My previous list:

1. Time Traveller - Silver Dollar City - It just looks so different. Every video of it that I've ever seen, the forces look so unique and something that you can only find there (well, for now anyway)
2. Dinoconda - China Dinosaurs Park - from everything I've read its the goldilocks of the 4D Coasters, hitting that sweet spot between the experience and the forces. Plus its a proper bragging cred, one that few have bagged
3. Magnum XL-200 Cedar Point - When I was about 12 or 13 the Big One in Blackpool was built, beating Magnum's height record. And for a short period I was obsessed by it
4. Matterhorn - Disneyland Anaheim - Been there twice, it was broken down twice. This cred will not continue to elude me!
5. Do-Dodonpa - Fuji Q - Surely one of the most bonkers rides every made. That acceleration looks just insane
6. Flying Dinosaur - Universal Studios Japan - I do love a flying dinosaur and this looks like its the ultimate in that regard
7. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind - Epcot centre - Part Roller Coaster, part dark ride. The Mummy and Escape From Gringotts up the road that Disney simply has to do better than. Its difficult to see this being anything other than awesome
8. The Voyage - To restore my faith in woodies after being so disappointed by Wicker Man
9. Taron - Multi launch. Good. Totally immersive theming. Good. Quick transitions and the feeling of intense speed as it weaves in and out of trenches. Good. What is not to like?
10. Steel Vengeance - Cedar Point. Because lets be honest, if you've not been on it, this has to be on your list right?

Ticked off Magnum, Matterhorn, Guardians, Voyage and Steel Vengeance. So I need 5 new ones. Plus I'm going to bump Time Traveller for Ride to Happiness, 'cause ya know

List (in no particular order)

1. Dinoconda
2. Do-Dodonpa (if it ever reopens of course)
3. Flying Dinosaur
4. Taron

A replacement

5. Ride to Happiness - for same reasons as Time Traveller


6. Iron Gwazi - as it's one of very few in the world that I can see have a chance of dethroning SteVe
7. Toutatis - as it's one of the very few other ones that have a chance of dethroning SteVe
8. Taiga - I mean it just looks brilliant right?
9. Tower of Terror (South Africa) - it just looks bonkers
10. Project Horizon at AT. We don't know what it is yet, but for the first time in like 20 years I'm actually excited by an Alton Towers Secret Weapon.