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What is your top 10 to do list?


Giga Poster
I thought it would be interesting to know which coasters you desire to ride the most! Of those coasters you haven't had the opportunity to ride yet, which is your top 10 list to do?

Here's my list:
1) Top Thrill Dragster - Cedar Point
2) Eejanaika - Fuji-Q Highland
3) Griffon - Busch Gardens Europe
4) Tatsu - Magic Mountain
5) The Voyage - Holiday World
6) Maverick - Cedar Point
7) T Express - Everland
8) Millenium Force - Cedar Point
9) Katun - Mirabilandia
10) Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce


The Legend
1. T Express.

2. Nemesis
3. Dodonpa
4. Katun
5. Expedition GeForce
6. Fireball
7. Intimidator 305
8. Prowler
9. Balder
10. Eejanaika

T Express really is my dream ride.. combines one of my favorites with another highly acclaimed ride.. The rest are simply icing on the cake.. as I'll be in I305 and Prowler this year.. along with the rest simply being awesome versions of something I've ridden already.


Hyper Poster
1) Black Mamba - Phantasialand
2) Tatsu - Magic Mountain
3) Dragon Khan - Port Aventura
4) X2 - Magic Mountain
5) Maverick - Cedar Point
6) Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion
7) Fluch Von Novgorod - Hansa Park
8) Griffon - BGE
9) Mumbo Jumbo - Flamingo Land
10) Thunder Dolphin - LaQua

There's a LOT more. I really need to travel outside the UK...


Giga Poster
1. Boulder Dash
2. Bizzaro (SFNE)
3. I-305
4. Diamondback
5. Alpengeist
6. Tatsu
7. T Express
8. Eagle's Fortress (even if it is SBNO)
9. TTD
10. Nemesis


Strata Poster
1) Maverick
2) Expedition GeForce
3) Boulder Dash
4) Black Mamba
5) T Express
6) Bizzaro
7) Dragon Khan
8) Manta
9) Intimidator 305
10) Katun

I doubt I'll get on any any time soon...


CF Legend
1. Your mum
2. Piraten (to shut everyone up :p)
3. Diamondback
4. Intimidator 305
5. Top Thrill Dragster
6. Fireball
7. Dodonpa
8. Eejaa*can'tspellit*neeka
9. Thunder Dolphin
10. Prowler


Hyper Poster
1. T-Express
2. Furious Baco
3. Katun
4. Boulder Dash
5. Expedition GeForce
6. Maverick
7. Balder
8. Storm Runner
9. Black Mamba
10. Stunt Fall


Hyper Poster
1. El Toro / T-Express / Colossos / Balder
2. Intimidator 305
3. Bizarro (SFNE)
4. Expedition GeForce
5. Boulder Dash
6. Goliath (Walibi)
7. Piraten / Kawasemi / Fly Over Mediterranean / Mega-Lite
8. Katun
9. Pyrenees
10. Nemesis

Basically Intamin air-time machines and B&M Inverts...my two favorite coaster types. I'm riding El Toro and i305 this year, the rest...eventually.


Giga Poster
1. Voyage - Holiday World
2. Tower of Terror - Gold Reef City
3. Expedition GeForce - Holiday World
4. Maverick - Cedar Point
5. Millennium Force - Cedar Point
6. Top Thrill Dragster - Cedar Point
7. T-Express - Everland
8. Colossos - Heide Park
9. Balder - Liseberg
10. Behemoth - Canada's Wonderland

But, there's a ton of coasters I really want to ride which I've forgotten about.
Getting to ride Voyage though. :D


Giga Poster
In no particular order but these are 10 that I'd love to do.

1. Katun
2. T-Express
3. iSpeed
4. Mindbender
5. Boulder Dash
6. Thunder Dolpin
7. Eagle Fortress
8. Supersonic Odyssey
9. El Toro, SFGA
10. Ramses, Zaragoza


Roller Poster
1- Balder
2- Nemesis
3- Katun
4- Dragon Khan
5- Goliath (SFOG)
6- the new Texas Giant
7- Coaster in Vancouver
8- Vampire at Chessington (I rode every Arrow suspended coaster operating and some defunct except that one!)
9- Superman: Escape at Warner Brothers Movie World Australia
10- Tree Topper in Upper Clements, NS, Canada. I know its a small terrain wooden coaster, but it captured my imagination and it would be a fun challenge to ride it!


Hyper Poster
1 - Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster - because it'll mean I'm at Tokyo DisneySea.
2 - El Toro
3 - X2
4 - Intimidator 305
5 - Griffon - because it'll mean I'm at Williamsburg
6 - Bizarro
7 - Black Mamba
8 - The Voyage
9 - Prowler
10 - Crazy Mouse at Tobu Zoo Park


Roller Poster
They removed it? When?

Man, my japanese trip last year came at the right time! I catched Mitsui Greenland Atomic Coaster a few weeks before it got removed and looks I catched the Crazy Mouse as well right before they removed it!


^ They removed it 2-3 months ago, can't remember the date for it. But don't worry yet, there are still 2 left, one at Kitami Family Land, and the other at Maruyama KidLand (which also feature a Corkscrew).
Also those who are saying Eagle Fortress, then it might be too late...

Anyway if I were to do a list then it would be something like (in alphabetical order):
Anaconda - Gold Reef City
Battlestar Galactica - Universal Studios Singapore
Cobra - Paulton park
Great Russian Mountain - Divo Ostrov (Wonder Island)
Speed Car - Happy Valley (the S&S luncher under construction)
Superman Escape - Warner Bros. Movie World
Supersonic Odyssey - Cosmo's World
Thriller, Taz Texas Tornado, Zonga, Tsunami - Currently at: Isla San Marcos Parque Temático
Tornado - Särkänniemi Amusement Park
And as a final to this list, all the coasters in Japan, it's just one of those long term goals I have...


Giga Poster
1 - Crystal Wings (Happy Valley)
2 - Maverick (Cedar Point)
3 - Alpengeist (Busch Gardens Europe)
4 - Atlantis Adventure (Lotte World)
5 - Fluch Von Novgorod (Hansa Park)
6 - Supersonic Odyssey (Cosmo's World)
7 - Griffon (Busch Gardens Europe)
8 - iSpeed (Mirabilandia)
9 - The Ultimate (Lightwater Valley)
10 - Eejanaika (Fuji-Q)


Giga Poster
10. Expedition Everest, Disney's Animal Kingdom - Purely for the fact that it was under construction when I went to Florida and remembering how desperately I wanted to ride it!

9. Kumba, Busch Gardens Tampa/Africa/Whatever it's called - Another B&M classic, very aesthetically pleasing and since when has Busch gone wrong with a coaster? (Actually don't answer that one! :p)

8. Anaconda, Gold Reef City - Looks amazing, nice setting, unique type of coaster and supposedly pretty forceful.

7. Eejanaika (?), Fuji-Q - Always wanted to try a 4-D coaster. Also looks pretty huge!

6. Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce - Seems like a fantastic ride which has recently made its way into the spotlight. I love the way most of it is hidden and looks like it contains lots of surprises. Oh plus, there's a Screamin' Swing nearby. :wink:

5. Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure - Tallest and (soon not to be) fastest coaster in the world... oh go on, why not!

4. Katun, Mirabilandia - Alpengeist absolutely blew me away and this looks somewhat similar. A ride which has always interested me and it looks stunning.

3. Dragon Khan, Port Aventura - It looks fantastic and I don't think I've heard anyone who dislikes it. I love a good old-school B&M and this one looks like it delivers that well.

2. Intimidator 305, King's Dominion - Wow! That was my initial thought when I first saw it and it's been a while since a new ride has made me think that. I suppose in some ways it's considered a steel Voyage, huge, fast, and stupidly fast transitions.

1. Voyage, Holiday World - I've seen many videos of this and it looks absolutely mental, it never seems to end and the pace on it looks incredible. It's supposedly rough as hell but it looks like it adds to the insanity of it!


Giga Poster
1 - Black Mamba
2 - Top Thrill Dragster
3 - Diamondback
4 - Megaphobia
5 - Ring Racer
6 - Silver Star
7 - Millenium Force
8 - Dragon Khan
9 - Mumbo Jumbo
10 - Colossos