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What is your favorite vekoma?


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Firehawk is definitely my favorite, but if Firehawk never existed, it would probably be Sidewinder at Hersheypark. It was quite smooth and enjoyable!


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I'll take a similar approach and list the 4 I care enough to mention out of my 104:
1. Big Thunder (Paris)
2. Big Grizzly
3. Thundercoaster (cheating with the trains though)
4. Battlestar Cylon

Think I need some Lech in my life.

Hey, another one worth a mention!

1. Big Thunder Mountain @ Disneyland Paris
2. Big Grizzly Moutain @ Hong Kong Disneyland
3. Thundercoaster (cheating with the trains though) @ Tusenfryd
4. Celestial Gauntlet @ Oriental Heritage Changsha
5. Battlestar Galactica Cylon @ Universal Studios Singapore

Still need some Lech in my life.


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Still need some Lech in my life.
This one aged poorly, but thread needs an update of some description. I'll ditch the cheating mine trains/woodies and go for a top 10 of new style big stuff.

1. Fønix - Fårup Sommerland
2. Wrath of Zeus - VinWonders Phú Quốc
3. Abyssus - Energylandia

4. Celestial Gauntlet - Oriental Heritage Changsha
5. FLY - Phantasialand
6. Battlestar Galactica Cylon - Universal Studios Singapore
7. Lech Coaster - Legendia
8. Hals-über-Kopf - Tripsdrill
9. Formuła - Energylandia

10. Battlestar Galactica Human - Universal Studios Singapore

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#1 Goudurix - so intense
#2 Kumali - first drop positives are great
#3 Velocity - funny motorbike seating
#4 Odyssey - repetitive but great fun
#5 Infusion - intense & cool location but rough finale
#6 Flight of the Pterosaur - cool minimalistic restraints, first drop > final helix
#7 Millennium - glass smooth but no force
#8 Wipeout - very intense
#9 Dino Dash - lots of laughter with super fun first drop and great theming
#10 K3 Roller Skater - capri sun

#11 Velociraptor - well themed for the model
#12 Accelerator - forwards was fun but backwards bit needs to speed up
#13 The Walking Dead - The Ride - good layout ruined by the walking dead ip
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These are the ones that I currently have in my top 50. F.L.Y. was a bit of a let down, perhaps it's still the best Vekoma, but didn't live up the hype, so there was a bit of a bitter aftertaste after riding. With that in mind, Asia still reigns supreme, until Poland happens, at least.

1. Gravity Max, Discovery World
2. Hyperspace Mountain, Hong Kong Disneyland
3. F.L.Y., Phantasialand
4. Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, Hong Kong Disneyland
5. Hals-über-Kopf, Erlebnispark Tripsdrill
6. Muntanya Russa, Tibidabo
7. Colorado Adventure, Phantasialand


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1) FLY (I'm pre-empting this near-certainty ;) )
2) Lech
3) Formula
Clearly I was a bit over-excited about FLY when I wrote this 🤦, it was good but definitely no Lech. Looks like I forgot a few good Vekomas too!

1) Lech
2) FLY
3) Thundercoaster
4) Space Mountain, Disneyland Paris
5) Nighthawk
6) Odyssey
7) Formula
8) Loup Garou
9) Big Grizzly Mountain
10) Colarado Adventure


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As of right now I don't have a single Vekoma in my Top 10%, let alone my Top 10, so I don't actually have an 'official' favourite. You know me - if it doesn't make the Top 10%, it doesn't get ranked at all, it's just one of the other 90% of coasters I've been on.
Having said that, the two most obvious coasters that spring to mind as being 'objectively better than other Vekomas' are Lech and FLY.
Honourable mentions to Expedition Everest, Colorado Adventure and the Big Thunder Mountains.

I might come back to this thread later in the year though, after I've ridden Tron and Cosmic Rewind. Definitely some potential there I reckon.


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After "unknown", Vekoma is my most-ridden manufacturer, but not many of their coasters particularly stand out. No particular order, but a few I'd consider as being the better Vekomas I've done:

Gravity Max
Big Grizzly
Formula (though massively overshadowed by Abyssus)
Battlestar Galactica (invert over sit-down)
Any of the GIBs I've done

Abyssus is probably the best of those, but I found it to be a bit too nauseating for multiple rides, so maybe Tron should take it.
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My favorite Vekoma coaster is the Lech Coaster at the Legendia park in Poland.
Especially right after it stopped raining.
The only one coming close to it is Formula at Energylandia, but that coaster is just to short in length. Abyssus at the same park has the length but it lacks the power of Formula.


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No love for guardians of the galaxy yet?

1 - guardians
2 - Lech (despite the super high intensity)
3 - formula (Yep - I prefer it to abyssus!)

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Deja Vu. I thoroughly enjoy Ninja at SFOG as well. The only new-gen Vekoma I've ridden is Formula at Energylandia, and I didn't think much of it. It's pretty and smooth, but that's about it.

James F

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Rock n Roller Coaster (WDW)
Xpress: Platform 13
Rock n Roller Coaster (DLP)
Space Mountain: Mission 2

Rob Coasters

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Just crossed 21 Vekomas, time for an update.

#1 Big Thunder Mountain - Disneyland Park Paris
#2 Goudurix - Parc Asterix
#3 Kumali - Flamingo Land
#4 Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain - Disneyland Park Paris
#5 Avengers Assemble Flight Force - Disneyland Park Paris

#6 Velocity - Flamingo Land
#7 Odyssey - Fantasy Island
#8 Xpress: Platform 13 - Walibi Holland
#9 Infusion - Blackpool Pleasure Beach
#10 Millennium - Fantasy Island
#11 Flight of the Pterosaur - Paultons Park
#12 Dino Dash - Tayto Park
#13 Rhino Rollercoaster - West Midland Safari Park
#14 K3 Roller Skater - Plopsaland De Panne
#15 Condor - Walibi Holland
#16 Wipeout - Pleasurewood Hills
#17 Speed of Sound - Walibi Holland
#18 Velociraptor - Paultons Park
#19 Casey Jr. - Disneyland Park Paris
#20 Accelerator - Drayton Manor
#21 The Walking Dead - The Ride - Thorpe Park

Next update at 30


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Uhh… Nighthawk?
Oh boy, let me give a better answer now.

Easily Fønix. I can finally see that Vekoma has a bright future. What a fantastic ride.

Orkanen would actually be second funny enough. In fact, can my answer just be Farup Sommerland?


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Lech remains my favourite Vekoma.

For more detail, I have ridden 51 Vekomas, and have ranked 42 of them (the remaining 9 are kiddie rubbish not worth ranking):

22Lech CoasterLegendia
30Colorado AdventurePhantasialand
50Vogel RokEfteling
59Xpress: Platform 13Walibi Holland
62Speed of SoundWalibi Holland
64WeerwolfWalibi Belgium
69Dragon Roller Coaster Energylandia
73The Walking Dead: The RideThorpe Park
86GoudrixParc Asterix
93Booster BikeToverland
94VelocityFlamingo Land
95KumaliFlamingo Land
105AcceleratorDrayton Manor
118VelociraptorPaultons Park
128Revolution Bobbejaanland
130Royal ScotsmanHansa Park
133Flight of the PterosaurPaultons Park
136Roller Coaster MayanEnergylandia
137Robin HoodWalibi Holland
139Calamity MineWalibi Belgium
144Millenium Fantasy Island
152Big LoopHeide Park
156HalvarPlopsa Coo
158Corkscrew Alton Towers
162LimitHeide Park
163OdyessyFantasy Island
168Temple of the NighthawkPhantasialand
176Jolly Rancher RemixHersheypark
178InfusionBlackpool Pleasure Beach
191Tornado Hellendoorn
192Boomerang Bellewaerde
193Vampire Walibi Belgium
194Cobra Walibi Belgium
198MP ExpressMovie Park Germany
199El CondorWalibi Holland

Vekomas make 6 of my Bottom 10, lol.