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What is your favorite vekoma?

Alex B

My current favorite vekoma is expedition Everest because of the awesome theming but the top gun and firestorm/enigma models in Europe and Asia look cool


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I tried ranking my favourite coasters recently, got to about the top 35 and gave up because it all became such a blur. And even then I wasn't completely happy with the 35. Anyway, point is, not a single Vekoma even came up for consideration. Not one.
Technically then, I don't have a favourite Vekoma. I've never ridden one that I considered good enough to be worth ranking. Which is weird, because they're my most ridden manufacturer and on the whole I'm generally quite fond of 'em.
If I had to choose, like, if I had a gun at my head and had to pick one, I'd probably go for Expedition Everest. Or one of the Big Thunder Mountains. Or possibly one of the Rock n Roller Coasters.

No... wait, Goudurix. I'd pick Goudurix. Just for the crack. :p


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I'll take a similar approach and list the 4 I care enough to mention out of my 104:
1. Big Thunder (Paris)
2. Big Grizzly
3. Thundercoaster (cheating with the trains though)
4. Battlestar Cylon

Think I need some Lech in my life.


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1. Lech Coaster
2. Expedition Everest
3. Stunt Fall
4. Colorado Adventure
5. Thundercoaster
6. Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris

There’s a fair few more that I enjoy... lots more that are pretty mediocre... and also plenty more that suck... that’s Vekoma for you right now, but as everyone knows they are improving. Even Formula, which I found to be forceless and hence, fairly dull, flowed as seemlessly as any RMC.


Lech with Formula not too far behind, really excited to see what else they build in the future, they could well be stepping back into the top manufacturer club in the near future.