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What Is The Most Overrated Roller Coaster?


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Top Thrill Dragster. It's got a launch...then it's over...

I really have no other rides I think were really bad.


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I felt ripped off after riding it.

Nemesis is over rated but there are uh more overrated rides.


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The Grape Wizard said:

Everyone still makes a big deal about it.
Oh i agree, although the launch is great, the rest of the ride may as well not be there, apart from the hill of the brakes, the airtime on that is ace.


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As for a ride that IS overrated. Superman: Ultimate Flight...wtf is that all about?!
Um, that ride doesn't get raved about; it often gets put down mor than praised. The pretzel loop is highly rated, but people always talk about how the rest sucks. I enjoyed it, but it was nothing amazing.

Hmm.. Overrated. Behemoth I guess, but it was still a good ride. Everyone was saying how much better it was than the other Hypers and stuff but it was only a tiny bit better than Nitro. Still a top six or seven coaster though.


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Nemesis Inferno, its too smooth guys and you can't really feel it going round the track.


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Error said:
Top Thrill Dragster. It's got a launch...then it's over...

I really have no other rides I think were really bad.
So you don't like Dragster?


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PS., Tay, shush, everyone knows you are wrong about Behemoth.
i dont know about THE most overated coaster but i think nemesis is overated, dont get me wrong its a great coaster but i think it is too overated


In recent memory, Dragon Kahn. I thought it was good, but I thought Furious Baco was much better. However, everytime I rode Kahn it got better, i.e. from the back and at night time, but I still think it's overated.

Nemesis. It's good, but come on. Some people seem to think Nemesis is God.

Tatsu. When I rode this, I thought "is it actually possible to make an exciting B&M Flyer?" The pretzel loop is great, but the rest was just dire. But the hype it has recieved from enthusiasts was sensational.

Millenium Force - ish. I thought it was so much fun, but again, the hype it recieves I expected to be blown away, I wasn't. I try to take every coaster for what it is, ignoring expectations, but the hype this thing recieves I couldn't help but feel a little gutted.

N sorry fanboys, but Jubilee Odyssey. I seriously have no idea why people love that thing.

Probably a few others as well, but I feel these are the ones that stand out most.


I can't really say, I've been on 8 different roller coasters. From what I've been on, I'd say Backlot Stunut Coaster. A cool layout, but it kills your back. I was expecting something smoother.


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1. Riddler's Revenge - Absolutely terrible, rough, boring, uninspired layout. They just shoved a crapload of inversions in there and ruined the ride.

2. Millennium Force - I love it, but as everybody's said, it doesn't deserve the hype.

3. The Beast - Too many trim brakes. If none of them were on, the ride would've had some great forces and decent airtime.

4. The Ultimate - Probably because I haven't ridden it, but from POV's, turn after turn after turn after turn, hill after hill after hill after hill after hill. It looks repetitive and like it get's boring after a while.


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Honorable mentions: TTD - I think it's massively overrated, but I do love Ka. I kept it out of this to avoid the needless bitching. Maverick - look, it's very good - but it's not the best thing to happen to coasters like some of you say.
Yeh I agree UC with Maverick. I thought it was pretty good, but I wouldn't give it half the appreciation some seem to. It is really fun, the drop, the launch, and everything in between, but I doubt it even makes my top 10 to be honest. I didn't leave with any 'wow' factor.

N out of curiosity, how come you love Ka but not TTD? I've ridden TTD, but does the airtime hill actually add so much more? Through reviews I've read many prefer TTD because of the lap bars, are the harnesses actually not that inconvieniant?


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^ quick question is being stapled, when u get caught in the restraint and it hurts? oh and i HATE the intamin OTSR's they are just so blocky and I get hurt in them sometimes. BM restraints FTW!


Its when the restraint is pushed down too hard and it hurts, much like a staple being pushed into paper.

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Stealth. It was voted 'Britain's best coaster' a few months ago.

in my opinion it isn't even the best coaster at thorpe.