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What Is The Most Overrated Roller Coaster?


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Grand National is a bit of a **** really.

Megafobia was a massive let-down, I had high hopes for it as I'm yet to ride a woodie that I'd rank in my top ten and was hoping this would be the one, especially knowing how high it's ranked in previous years. By all accounts it was running poorly so I can't be too harsh on it.

Saw's a bit overrated, idk if people love it just for the inside drop but the second half of the ride was so painful I doubt I'll ever go back on it.


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What about Oblivion? Yeah it's fun and all but it's not as good as people make it out to be. It's pretty much like a drop tower with a big buildup and five seconds between the drop and the brakes.


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That's actually something I really admire about Oblivion. I always use Oblivion as a great example of how to take a very short one-trick-pony ride and milk absolutely everything out of its one trick. In its favour, it does that one trick pretty damn well too.


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Nemesis without a doubt. But it's for good reason, and it actually is one of the few critically outstanding rides that is difficult to pick apart. When it comes down to it though, IS it as enjoyable as others of it's kind? I'm just not sure. And the constant repeating that it's the best invert increases doubt.

It's critically outstanding, a 10 out of 10 coaster, and because of that it can never be as enjoyably good as the legend says.

Oblivion is overrated? I'd argue the reverse. People outside the UK don't understand or get what's so special about it. And that's because there arguably isn't anything. IMO, it's better than the Busch DMs and better than Krake. The US dive machines, in particular Griffon, is so ridiculously tame. I honestly don't understand how they managed to remove all possible forces from the ride. HOW can a 200ft vertical drop feel like nothing? Literally nothing?

Both Nash and Fobia are nothing special. People say they're the best wood in the UK because they are and I enjoyed them both a lot before I went to the USA... Nash is better than Fobia, though. Reason being that Megafobia as an experience is very similar to lots of other woodies (Megafobia as an experience reminds me of a **** El Toro) Nash, on the other hand, in spite of just being a racer, in spite of just being an old thing at a classic amusement park, is a really unique ride experience.