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Walibi Holland | New Ride | 2019

Pink Cadillac

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Just an update on Goliath's new outfit.



Laurens Van Heerde is the saucy source


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Does anybody know who took those photos? ;)

I like the blue. It reminds me of blu Fire at Europa. And that's a good thing.


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Some of the supports on the first hill appear to be blue too? I hope not, as the black/blue combo looks really good.

As jayjay says, I was always pretty fond of the green, but I can't deny that does look great.

Chris Brown

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Some of the supports on the first hill appear to be blue too? I hope not, as the black/blue combo looks really good.

As jayjay says, I was always pretty fond of the green, but I can't deny that does look great.
Agreed black and blue looks sweet but all blue is just too much!


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Just re read this, isn't that where 'The Clinic' was for Halloween?
Didn't Walibi Holland announced they'll have "The Clinic" permanent in the park, with an added VR section?

And not sure if someone mentioned it, but they just recently put up another teaser online on YT. Not sure if both videos are related. But judging they have the same date on them, I can imagine so.


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Nope. This is actually nothing to do with the infrastructure of 'The Clinic', it's a completely separate entity altogether that just shares the same narrative. Think of The Smiler and The Sanctuary.


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I couldn't find the correct place to post but here's a POV with goliaths new paint job. I think it's a vast improvement from the garish yet tired green. Not sure if it's related to the paint but it also seems to be running much faster then when I rode on the CF live last year!

Video's been sped up, I think. Seems a little too quick over the hills, especially compared to what it was like at GF.


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It really doesn't give away what it is in the end, does it? Imagine the poor people going inside without knowing what's going to happen...!
It's not actuay 'The Clinic', like what appeared at Halloween Fright Nights. This is something completely separate that has a completely different narrative, running alongside the halloween version - it's much more commercially designed.


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It would seem the 2019 coaster has been pushed back a year as it has now been said that Walibi Holland will receive a "huge new ride" in 2020.


Last season (2016), it added its first new rollercoaster for over a decade. Lost Gravity from Mack Rides features a 680m-long layout together with eye-catching 8-seater semi-winged ride vehicles. Prior to this, the park’s last big attraction investment was a Splash Battle added in 2005.

Lost Gravity has been a hit with teenagers and hints at the future direction for this park in Flevoland, an hour north of Amsterdam. Its popular Fright Nights are becoming more elaborate and intense each Halloween. During the course of the year, Walibi Holland also provides the backdrop to several music festivals. A “huge new ride” is planned for 2020.

“Walibi Holland is an interesting park,” says Fassier. “Its target market is young adults first, families second. That is why we might take the choice to rebrand it and communicate a little bit differently to the other parks of the group. The risk is that families have more money compared to young adults. So part of our strategy would be to develop other kinds of business, festivals and so on. Over the past five years we have totally developed the campgrounds. Then we are thinking about adding some lodges. I think we could move away from the Walibi theme to a festival theme. When you come into this park, there is always a festival atmosphere.”

Were the Dutch park to be rebranded, then Fassier says it wouldn’t bother him having one less park in the Walibi chain.

Looopings.nl did claim back in October that had been told by the Deputy Director of S&S that they have been in negotiations with Walibi Holland about supplying a Free Spin Coaster for 2019 or 2020. However at the time nothing had been finalised. Walibi said they were looking at various options.