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Walibi Belgium | Kondaa | Intamin Mega Coaster | 2021


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New pictures:




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Went to the construction site for some real gooning... Some pics:

"No themepark-goons allowed! Shu you!"

I'm really diggin' the station buildings looks! A lot of activity on this construction site to!

I didn't spotted any sign of a coastertrain sadly...
What a beast of a ride it is. Can't wait for this thing to open up!


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I'm curious if they will theme the maintenance building as well or just leave it like it is?


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2021 is a tough year to compete in, though. In addition to an already-solid lineup, it will also present the debut of a lot of excellent coasters intended to open in 2020. Near-guaranteed crowd pleasers such as Pantheon, Iron Gwazi, or Abyssus sit waiting for their first riders.

Gonna guess 2022 and possibly 2023 will be fairly abysmal, though.