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Vekoma New-Gen Coasters Discussion Thread


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Merged the two threads as we already have a long running thread about Vekoma's new announcements.


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Doing the roll backwards on Chiller with the lapbar train is to this day the best inversion I've done <3
Have you not had the pleasure of experiencing Veloci's Maverick roll yet? Just thought I'd ask, seeing as you're from Orlando and it seems to be universally agreed that is one of the best inversions ever.


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I love how wacky Vekoma is getting with their designs! Even without the track design itself, we’ve reached a point where we could look at a layout and say “that’s distinctly Vekoma” and I love that.


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Vekoma announced a new model in the last EAP Magazin, the Super Boomerang. The train will be launched by a multi-pass-launch on two spikes that will finish on a same "tower". The first coaster of this model will open in a Fantawild park.


A little bit of time today meant I decided to have a look through some known under construction Fantawild to see if I could dig up anything on this. Apart from finding 2 previously unknown to me parks currently going up I also noticed this on the Xuzhou Fantawild artworks.
Seems to fit the Super Boomerang bill to me.