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Vekoma New-Gen Coasters Discussion Thread


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Here I believe are all the current Vekoma train types and their model numbers

•MK700 - Family Coaster
•MK900 - Family Coaster
•MK901 – Mine Train
•MK904 – Motorbike
•MK905 – Suspended Family Coaster
•MK906 - Racing Coaster
•MK908 – Motorbike
•MK1100 – Wood Coaster
•MK1101 – Looping Coaster
•MK1102 – F.L.Y
•MK1201 – Suspended Looping Coaster
•MK1203 – Invertigo
•MK1207 – Flying Dutchman
•MK1208 – Giant Inverted Boomerang
•MK1210 – New Boomerang Trains
•MK1212 – Looping Coaster
•MK1300 – Stingray
•MK1301 – 4 Abreast Thrill Coaster
•MK1302 – 4 Abreast Suspended Thrill Coaster
•MK1600 – Big Air

They for the most part seem to follow the track then designation number system

Currently there are 6 released models for the MK1100 track i think which Zwoopaman already posted
Bermuda Blitz (Lech Coaster)
Space Warp (Formula One at Energylandia)
Hyper Space Warp (Fantawild looping coasters basically just Space Warp with lift hill)
Firestorm (One in Vietnam one in China, Neither open)
Shockwave (Dragon Valley ride)
Skydash (Energylandia Hyper)

Theres a number of unreleased ones as well which showed up at IAAPA. From memory there was one called Top Gun, Thunderbird and one called Space Chase. Im sure there were more but i cant remember them
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Here it is, the Vekoma Shockwave launch coaster:-
Here are some stats about it from RCDB:-

Length: 3,592.5ft
Height: 126.3ft
Inversions: 5 (Vertical loop, Batwing, 2 Corkscrews)
Speed: 62.1 mph
Elements: LSM Launch

2 trains with 4 cars per train. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 16 riders per train.
Capacity: 910 riders per hour

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Great layout - I love that the new Vekoma coasters truly are a combination of 'something for everyone'. Great drops, airtime and inversions. In essence, on paper, they're 'perfect' coasters.


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So, these New Gen Vekomas. Most are based in Asia I think, as in, the only one so far in Europe or the US is Lech right?
I can't see the US or Europe ignoring them anymore, they do look fantastic!


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There's also Formula at Energylandia, which was the first New Gen actually ;) And I agree with you: the US and Europe shouldn't ignore New Vekoma anymore!
Ah yes, that was built a couple of years back, it didn't get anywhere as near as much coverage as Lech.