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Universal Studios Beijing | 2021


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Some really cool site plans of the Jurassic World and Minion areas has surfaced.
- Along with many other interesting bits of concept art here: http://www.themeparx.com/universal-studios-beijing/


A closer look at JW.


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I'm really enjoying the smoothed out shaping on this. The hulk's shaping has always had some strange banking transitions that are very out of date now compared to newer B&Ms so I'm really impressed how they've managed to keep the scale and tightness of the original ride and improve on it. I just hope it means the intensity is still there.

One thing I find a little off putting though is some of the colouring choices. I think the dark blue and dark grey together are abit too similar so don't have enough contrast. And why are the launch supports a lighter colour? It's only nit picks though, am excited to see this progress.

Are we expecting this to have traditional sitdown trains or will this be a floorless or even raised seat (like wildfire) incarnation?


That's so true about Hulk being weirdly profiled. I never liked how the banking levels out after the helix round the launch tunnel only to snap back to the left straight away for the corkscrew. Whenever I rode it felt like it should have been one flowing sequence.

Saying that I hope they don't screw about with the profiling so it loses intensity. While newer B&Ms still are intense they do lack the snaps in inversions and transitions of the oldies.

Matt N

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How phenomenal does that theming look! Dare I say it, but combined with the nicer-looking profiling, I think this may be one of the first clones that many people enjoy more than the original, and that’s no mean feat given the original Hulk is a pretty highly regarded coaster!