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Relatively new poster - will look to update on my activity this summer. The summer we had planned disrupted by covid so decided to do as many UK Theme Park trips as is practical with 2 x kids under 10, so a focus on rides with a 1.0 to 1.4m height allowance. Hope to squeeze in the odd bigger one solo however...

Lightwater Valley - Last week

Got the Ladybird and Little Dipper creds (kids loved them). Ultimate and Raptor Attack remain closed, although I rode both (RA in former Sewer Rat guise) getting on decades ago... I also rode the Eagles Claw - not sure I'm built for such rides anymore!

Overall the park was good value for a day out (less than £60 family of four) and the kids enjoyed it but the place remains the same as it was in 1999.

Ocean Beach - Yesterday

Rode the Crash Test coaster for the first time. Enjoyed it less than the Ladybird at LWV tbh but some nice views while up at height.

They have got ride of the tickets to ride in place of a pay as you go card system, makes sense in current times.

Drayton Manor - this week

Will be my first visit, having been to nearby AT when Air was new! Hoping but not holding my breath that Shockwave will be running. If not should get on the Accelerator anyway and looking forward to exploring Thomas Land with the little ones. Troublesome trucks could be cred number 30 for me!

Flamingo Land - following week

Plan to get on at least one or two of Kumali, Velocity and Mumbo Jumbo while there.

Any thoughts or suggestions feel free to chip in.


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Hi tynemouthsurfer, welcome to the forums!

Great to hear you're getting out and about. We have a forum specifically for Trip Reports (and another for Trip Planning if you're looking for some help or pointers), so I've moved this thread there. Feel free to update as your summer continues. :)


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Drayton Manor today.

First rode Accelerator. Found it pretty comfortable and a decent little coaster. Brought back a memory of Expedition Everest with the boomerang element (I havnt ridden many Vekomas) although obviously not of the same scale. Enjoyed this one as did the kids.

Next rode the Troublesome Trucks. One of the smoothest coasters I have ridden, getting a second loop round was nice too. Felt well constructed and quite fun.

Shockwave was unfortunately out of action and did not get round to the Buffalo coaster. Spent the rest of the day in Thomas Land, the Zoo and flat rides with the kids. I thought the Thomas Land was really well themed, and just felt like a "nice" park, decent enough weather helped.

Park felt pretty quiet overall. I was impressed by the park from a family day out perspective. Compared to LWV last week felt like a premium product.

On a covid front, the average person stood behind me in a queue really struggled with the 2 metre markers. If you are anxious about covid, I would suggest theme parks might not be for you yet.


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Flamingo Land today

After some initial worry regarding the news regarding the injury to a member of staff on Dino Roller yesterday, we set off as it appeared the park would be open as normal. Family visit with 2 x young kids.

Arrived for 10am opening and no coasters appeared to be running at opening, with Kumali scheduled to open at 1400. Appeared additional maintenance was going on on Mumbo Jumbo so we jumped on the Cliff Drop Tower which was fun then wandered the zoo - which I thought was excellent.

Zoom! - First coaster we all jumped on the suspended family coaster which was a fun little ride.

Mumbo Jumbo - Rode with my older child. First coaster with inversions she has ridden - so a big deal! I thought it was a fun ride, first and potentially last El Loco I have been on but worth the ride.

Kumali - Appreciate that these Vekomas are not the highest rated on here. Felt it was a bit brief, over in under a minute then a crawl back to the loading section, but I found it fun while it lasted. I did not find it rough either. It felt like a faster and overall worse version of Nemesis, but I enjoyed it.

Mine Train - Back as a full family found this to be a rough little coaster - roughest ride of the day sat at the front!

Twistosaurus - This one was nice as the whole family got to ride in one car. Fun little coaster and not too rough.

Overall a really good day, particularly impressed by the zoo which has obviously had a lot of investment in recent years. Park is a bit all over the place with some ancient rides and some more modern ones but a good day in these COVID times.

Did not get to ride Velocity as my daughter did not meet the height restriction. We may return next year for the new 10 looper.