drayton manor

  1. T

    UK Summer Theme Park Visits

    Relatively new poster - will look to update on my activity this summer. The summer we had planned disrupted by covid so decided to do as many UK Theme Park trips as is practical with 2 x kids under 10, so a focus on rides with a 1.0 to 1.4m height allowance. Hope to squeeze in the odd bigger...
  2. Harry Rawding

    I'm an ex ride operator with 26 rides to my name and 4 years of experience. Ask me anything?

    Literally ask me anything. For clarification I have operated 23 rides, and been an attendant for 3 of them (One being a travelling fairground ride). I've worked at two different theme parks, Gulliver's Kingdom (Matlock Bath), and Drayton Manor (Tamworth).