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Trip plans for 2013


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My dad suggested we should stop by SFNE on our way to Lake Compounce, so I figured why not? cool) I'd like to go to Six Flags some time in the afternoon and hopefully get some night rides in (specifically Bizarro). Then we'd hit Lake Compounce the next day. I can already tell that the majority of the trip will just be re-riding Bizarro and Boulder Dash :p

Also, a minor trip to Canobie is also in the cards.

Jason Voorhees

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Well, in 3-6 weeks I'm going to Six Flags Great America because my sister lives in Chicago. My brother is on the way there, probably around the Tennessee/Kentucky border because they spent the night at their aunt's in Memphis. We'll meet in 3 weeks in Memphis and do like a hand over so my sister will pick me up and drive to Chicago and my dad will pick my brother up and bring him back home. I'll be spending 3 weeks at their house because we haven't got to see each other in a long time. Well yeah, we saw each other 2 days ago but I've only seen her about 2 weeks out of my life. Excited for X-Flight, Vertical Velocity, and Raging Bull!

Edward M

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^ well, good to see you are coming by Memphis. Be sure to go down Bourbon Street. After traveling all over the country, it is still probably the coolest street out there. Also, Libertyland's remains are cool to see if you are interested.

On another note, I am heading to Branson July 21 :D. I might also be going to Six Flags St Louis because we are going right beside it on the way back.


I finished Ottawa today already. Ottawa as a travelling city really sucks bad. I woke up at 6am and head out for town and it took my 6 hours to complete Ottawa!


Chris Coasters

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July 20th Hershey
July 21st Kennywood
July 22nd, 23rd, & 24th Cedar Point
July 26th Knoebels.

The 24th is unsure for Cedar Point 22nd and 23rd are definite but my family is going to some space museum that day and I would rather go to CP for a third day. With that being said I'll be at CP alone if anyone is going that day or would want to meet up I'm down its better than being alone.


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With Waldameer, Seabreeze, and Cedar Point out of the way all that is left is a day trip to Knoebels with a good friend. If everything goes as planned Flying Turns might actually be open when we are there, i'm not keeping my hopes up though.


So this year has been a pretty big year for me so far! Its been very much a year of long weekend breaks grabbing credits (both good and bad creds!) Some parks i've visted more than once (mainly the Merlin parks) so here is the full list that i've visited so far this year:

Thorpe Park
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Old MacDonalds Farm
Billing Aquadrome
Treasure Island Amusement Park
Dudley Zoo
Wallis Family Fun Fair
Knowsley Safari Park
M&D's Scotlands Theme Park
Landmark Forest Theme Park
Codonas Amusement Park
Ocean Beach Pleasure Park
Bayside Pleasure Park
Clacton Pier
Pavillion Fun Park

Disney Land Paris - Disneyland Park
Disney Land Pars - Walt Disney Studios Park
Dennlys Parc
Les Poussins, Parc de la Citadelle

Bellewaerde Park
Walibi Belgium

Djurs Sommerland
Legoland Billund
Bon Bon land
Tivoli Gardens

Malmo Folkets Park


Cedar Point

Canadas Wonderland

Doing these has increased my coaster count by 78 so far this year and we're only half way through! :)

I also have these pretty much confirmed for the remainder of the year. Most are booked already, some are still in the planning but definitly going stage:

Lightwater Valley
Drayton Manor (if its for GF this year)
Linnanmaki (Finland)
Funpark (Finland)
Sarkanniemi (Finland)
PowerPark (Finland)
Wonder Island (Russia)
Gagarin Park (Russia)
Victory Park (Russia)
Happylon (Russia)
Attrapark (Russia)
Attractionmania (Russia)
Little Playground (Russia)
Luna Park (Russia)
Wiener Prater (Austria)
Bohmischer Prater (Austria)
Familypark Neusiedlersee (Austria)
Vidampark (Hungary)

I'll also be looking at doing a credit run in north Wales and most likely a few other obscure UK parks as the year goes on. Also thinking of doing a road trip in France to collect the credits on the route to Paris, although i'm not sure where that is fitting into the calendar! There is always a posibility of another European trip over the winter period too :)


Well yesterday night I drove to St. Louis, and got here early in the morning. I was to tired to go to Six Flags St. Louis, so that will be tomorrow (as it was planned). Outlaw Run in 2 days, and from there, I will cross the border into Texas and do parks there. All 3 Rocky Mountains, American Thunder, and more. I'm stoked.

Edward M

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I am going to Branson tomorrow morning and am very excited for Silver Dollar City. After, Silver Dollar City, I will go to Kansas City for Worlds of Fun on Monday Night. I going last to St Louis for a Cardinals game on Wednesday Morning. No Six Flags.


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So far this year I've done -
Canada's Wonderland (+2)
Centreville Amusement Park (+1)
Marineland Theme Park
Wild Water & Wheels (+1)
Busch Gardens Tampa
Fun Spot America (+2)
Fun Spot USA
Old Town
SeaWorld Orlando
Disney's Animal Kingdom
Disney's Hollywood Studios
Magic Kingdom
Wild Adventures
Six Flags America
and Martin's Fantasy Island (+2)

But next week I head out to Frontier City, Magic Springs & Crystal Falls, Route 66 Carousel Park, and Kiddieland. All are new for me, as well as the state of Oklahoma. I'll also be doing Silver Dollar City and Six Flags St. Louis both have 2 new for me coasters.

And later this summer - Canobie Lake, Six Flags New England, Great Escape, and likely a trip to Six Flags Over Georgia. nothing new at any of them for me.

Youngster Joey

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Will be hitting Six Flags New England and Lake Compounce with the family in august and Knoebels with a friend in late August.

Edward M

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SDC is delayed by severe thunderstorms this morning but will stop soon. I am going back to the park then. Afterwards, I am going to drive to WoF.
Well, I just found out I have a free hotel stay that has to be used this year. I am thinking of doing a cred run of Galveston/Kemah and picking up the Gulf Shores coaster.

If I get real crazy I may try to add SWSA and SFFT to the trip. I would be driving from Orlando.

Anyone in the area want to have a cred whore weekend?


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If anyone is game for a SFNE trip, I would love it.
Really can't go on my own, my CT friend bailed and no one here wants to take a trip to Boston/hit SFNE along the way. Pretty much any weekend in August except the final one.