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Top 3 coaster experiences?

Alex B

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Take this with a grain of salt I’m a new enthusiast but..,
3.nitro at night in back
2.maverick zen at sundown
1.steel vengeance night ride in back row

Alex B

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Steel vengeance back row (less buggy) at sundown with midcourse brakes off is just surreal honestly worth the 185 minute wait!


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Fun topic!

1) X2 in the front after I finally got on it fifteen years after looking up in disbelief and saying “**** that.”

2) Diamondback in the rain my first time at King’s Island.

3)Ghostrider at about 2am at Scary Farm w/ some random drunk chick hanging on my arm screaming in my ear.

Edward M

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  1. The famous US Live Lightning Rod night rides.
  2. X2 because it was simply so unexpected. Taron at the end of ERT, shooting up from that second launch into a gorgeous view of the sunset over Klugheim.
  3. Steel Vengeance at 10 pm when the mid brake run was completely turned off.


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1. 2019 Taron, at night (wintertraum) that launch
2. 2018 Hypercoaster (land of legends turkey), at night. That loop gives insane hangtime
3. 2019 Untamed, at night in halloween this flys and gives disgustingly good airtime


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1. Zadra at night, season finale 2019 - warm day, full trains and a great sense of speed
2. Taron 1. ride on opening day - I was so hyped and it overdelivered. It's a shame that it had to be changed to save the wheels
3. Hyperion last row (middle) on a hot Summer day - This ride always gives me a grin, but on a hot day, it's even crazier. Thanks to a loose restraint I rode it in stand up position


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1 first time riding el toro
2 first time riding lightning rod (can’t wait to ride that baby at night)
3 riding twisted cyclone in the very back row 10x without getting off once ?


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Should probably update mine. Not necessarily individual rides, but definitely some incredible experiences.

1. Steel Vengeance ERT after closing (July 2019). This was when I realized I had a new Number 1. It was going noticeable faster than our morning ride, and back row on that thing is just insane. It throws EVERYTHING at you and doesn't hold any punches. This ERT also included Maverick, and we got a couple of front row rides without leaving our seats. <3.

2. Skyrush whorage in the dark (July 2019). Man, it's so easy to marathon this thing, I got about a dozen rides in a row. It got to the point where I wouldn't even leave the station and would immediately just find an empty seat. Going up that lift hill gets me giggling like a goon every time.

3. Lightning Rod marathon for 2 and a half hours, at dusk (June 2018). While I've yet to get a true night ride on this, climbing up that lift hill and viewing the gorgeous sunset right before the drop was incredible.


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1. Riding Beast at like 1:30 in the morning in September 2018 (last ride of the night). That night ride was pitch black, insane, foggy, cold, and just all-around amazing.
2. Riding back row of Steel Vengeance last summer.
3. Last ride of the night on Beast in the front row in May 2018.


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1. Getting a bonus lap on Millennium Force, last train of the night, last day of operations in 2010. I was on the second to last train, but there weren't enough riders left to fill the last train, so they let us race to the gate back to the load station. First 11 got to re-ride. Millie always has a good night ride, but that surprise second lap still riding the adrenaline from lap 1 was something special.

2. Montu marathon at dusk in mid summer (not this summer) with soaking wet track. 90 minutes of heavy rain had almost emptied the park in the early evening.

3. Front row Kumba rain ride (yes, the same day as number 2). That was a heck of a day. I really need to get back to Tampa.

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I once had multiple front row sunset rides on Flying Aces as the only rider on the train. That felt really special having such a bucket list coaster sent round just for me. No idea why the park was deserted as Warner Brothers next door was packed but it's something that will stick in my mind.


Hyper Poster
1: Voyage at night, with the MCBR off. Words can't even describe.
2: First ride on Millennium Force. Keep in mind this was 2001 and I was 13. Going from my biggest rides being Great Bear, Apollo's Chariot, to that...and it was just such a different experience at the time, ya know nothing was like it.
3: First ride on El Toro. First experience ever of "ejector" air, and we didn't expect it. "Wow that looks cool" we thought but ya know just seemed like a big wooden coaster. The air time, and that crazy ass figure 8 at the end whipping you around. We got off and had honest to god :O faces