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Thoughts on Saw


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The only reason people are disappointed with it is because of all the hype around it. If you look at it for what it is and pretend it's not related to a film it is a pretty decent ride. The themeing is better than any coaster we've had in the UK for a long time and it is a fun ride. I don't see what there is to hate about it.


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It hurts too much, that's whats wrong with it.

It's rare that coasters hurt my head so much that I actually don't bother riding them, but Saw manages this.

If it was brutal and had character, like Ultimate, it would be fine fine. However, Ultimate doesn't give me a headache for hours after riding.

Saw is a horrible ride, which is a shame, because it could actually be good if it didn't make my brain bleed.


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I've never had a problem with Saw being rough either. The only bit is that jolt at the bottom of the drop if your sitting on the front right seat. Other than that I find it really smooth.

Roughness on coasters must have something to do with peoples height and build though as some people find rides rough while others don't.


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I wouldn't call Saw 'rough', i'd call it 'bumpy'. Like, I don't hit my head against the restraints, my head just shakes up and down.

Which is worse than rough, because I can feel my brain bouncing up and down inside my head, giving me a headache.

I don't mind 'rough' coasters like Colossus because I get thrown around a bit, but it doesn't really hurt. Saw just kills me.

Darren B

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yes its rough but it wouldnt stop me from going on it, i wouldnt wanna do it to many times in one day though. i disagree with the theming quote though, yes its brilliantly themed but i think tidal wave is far superior and dont forget original! it adds something special to the park.


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Coming from someone who likes Saw, I find it does do that "brain milkshake" on every low section on the outside track. It can be VERY nasty, but most of the time its bareable. Depending on the restraint position.

Gerstlauer really buggered up this ride in the design. It could of been perfect, but there are so many flaws in the track and other things. Atleased radius issue will be modified, which is my only real issue with the ride atm as it makes my neck crack big style.


I was a bit late riding it but i got on it in the end (after queuing over an hour due to technical problems...).

The first time was fantastic and it really blew me away. I was expecting a relatively average ride after what people had said, but i'd say it's easily one of the best rides at Thorpe, and definately the best coaster there for me.

The second time I ended up in the back row which was kind of like facing a blank wall and being thrown around. You can't see a thing from the back.

The third time was in the front again, but i came off it with an absolute raging headache and couldn't face any other rides except depth charge. No idea why this is.


A good ride definitely, but didn't really live up to my expectations or the 'hype' surrounding it.
Also the front row is much rougher that the back but has better views of that first drop........!


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I rode it about a month ago i didnt find it rough at all then again I love being thrown around in a wooden coaster. I liked the inside first drop but i found the rest of the ride bland and un forcefull. An ok ride but nothing special.


I loved this ride because of the way you almost forget you are in a theme park inside.


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I loved it, the only problem was the wait (80 mins) by that point i wasn't high on adrenalin :/

But the ride was pretty amazing :) i loved the half loop!

I also loved the fact we were on video camera all the way so we could see how scared we were afterwards :)