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As the ride is now open, instead of starting a million topics, just use this one. I am also going to strongly enforce the spam rule on this one as well.

Let us know how it was, post spoilers if you want, it's up to you if you want to read or not!


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Well I
I'll be first with the spoilers.
Here is a review of the ride which includes pictures from the rides queueline. It certainly looks VERY impressive and can't wait till tomorrow now. :)
http://hauntedattractions.co.uk/index.p ... &Itemid=34

Also and interview with the creators of the Saw films and what they though about the ride.
http://hauntedattractions.co.uk/index.p ... &Itemid=34

And also a video that I did yesterday to give everyone a better idea of the ride area.

Oh and some great photos here:


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^So are those official pictures, or did Haunted Attractions ignore the no camera rule? Smart move.

Oh, and the "review" of a ride that wasn't yet open? Sorry, but why not just wait until the thing has actually been ridden until writing what a great ride it is?

"We did it first!!!!! Oh, wait, no we didn't...."


Is that the actual ride music from the area?
Was any music playing?

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It was....

AMAZING! Though it wasn't as scary as the media made it out to be. I have to say though, the positive forces are extremely strong and so are the negative. It runs very smooth and theres barely any head banging, if any.

Loved it <3


Rode it 3 times today.

The queue line was not scary or particually gorey, people hoping for a walkthrough like a horror maze will be disapointed.

The ride itself exceeded my expectations. The indoor drop was a fantastic suprise and the rest of the ride felt forceful and clean. Good airtime and a good dive loop too. I really liked it, although i could be suffering from new coaster syndrome. For a 2 row car, i felt there was a big difference between front and back. Front being great for the views, especially indoor, but it felt rougher.

As someone who was anti-Saw as a theme, i didn't feel disapointed by the lack of stuff in the cue. It wasn't that the stuff that was there was bad... there just isn't very much of it.

Edit: PS. Blades were spinning, slowly.


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It was bloody brilliant!!!!

That's all I'm gonna sa though, cause I promised Bellend the other day that I wouldn't! :p


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Love it. Simple as that.

If anybody wants to see Thorpes new video for it, Press play :)



This is my rather concise review of Saw, This post is essentially one big spoiler, so if you don't want to know, I suggest you ignore my post.

The whole area is pretty well done except for the horific 'patchwork' effect on the station bulding, which was clearly designed by some academic who has a hard-on for 'textures' and makes the shed look as is if its trying too hard 'OMGZ LOoK at ME!!! I IZ aN ABANdoNedD WARehOuZE!!!!!!11111'

The outside queueline is not too bad, a bit of effort has been made to make it seem industrial with plenty of machinery about the place which could easily be modified into traps, although,i'm not sure how sparkly new tyres fit into this catagory.Oh, and btw, the razor wire is not real, alteast put some effort into it thorpe! If a chav gets hurt, he shouln't have been climbing! ::p

As you enter the building you come across the typical thorpe 'corrugated shed look'


As you enter the building you come across a narrow corridor with shotguns overhead, strobe lighting and loud bangs and some air cannons will really catch out the first time rider. as you turn the corner, there is a strange looking device (having not seen the films) which restrains a 'victim' by the hands and feet,and apparenty twists them to rip them from their sockets. moderatly disturbing, since i am the most squeamish person on the site, if i managed, I'm sure everyone else will.

A masked actor dressed in a cape appears occasionaly to cause more displeasure to the victim, The actors do a good job of making this scene real, shame it is so far away behind two fences.

As you make your way up the stairs you get a breif view of the next scene which is essentially a dummy crawling though razor wire, only when you get to the top of the stairs do you get a full eye-level view of the scene (behind glass) then you realise you are in the station, making you think 'Is that it?' after handing your bag over to the efficient bag handling staff you board in one of the bays, I would recommend the front row of the second train, as two trains dispach together, the first one goes down the drop,and the second waits after the first turn where jigsaw does a bit of an intro.

The Drop: OMG! Its amazing! I forgot how steep it was, you first see a pair of swinging pendulums, which look as if the train is going to go through them, as you pull into the drop, you are distracted for a second by the pendulums, then you think 'OMG where did that girder come from!' before you even have time to recover from that, you drop under a bed of spikes. Terrifying! Overall, the indoor drop gets 10/10.

After the turnaround, you enter the breakrun, lined with more shotguns, some more air cannons later you clear the brakerun, and drop down into another turn (as if you didnt know that) as you enter the roll you can see a body on the ground, which squirts warm water up at the train, accompanied by screaming effects,then you exit the building and you turn onto the lift hill, there are some screens with jigsaw again, although they could have been placed better , and used the train stopping to engage with the lift hill dog as an excuse for some more video.

The lift hill is a standard Gerstlauer effort, nothing new here, the drop is ok, you wouldnt notice the extra 3 degrees, the saws don't add much, they look better from offride than they do onride, i can see why they chose not to cover it, as it would be as much use as not having them there at all.

The drop has a horrible wobble at the bottom, where it seems gerstlauer bashed it to get it to line up with the immelmann. The immelmann is quite good, a bit too aggessive on the right hand side of the car, as is the rest of the layout.

In the centre seats, the ride is very smooth, although you will get moist. the overbank that follows is quite good,but it does shunt a bit on the exit, the airtime hill delivers, but its nowhere near as good as Speeds.

The exit to the hill has a twist in it, delivering a nice burst of airtime followed by lats, followed by a lovely heartlined turn, the result almost made me jizz :p

The MCBR takes absolutley nothing away from the ride experience as it is taken so fast, the resulting burst of airtime is so strong it actually hurts as you slam up into the restraint, I <3 it!

The dive loop looks so wrong, but it actually rides really well, except for that right hand seat. the turn up into the final brakerun is almost the best element on the ride, beaten only by the drop inside the building!

As an overall experience I would give Saw an 8.5/10, (coming from a person that hates horror that is quite good).

In conclusion (oh god!, I sound like I'm writing an essay!) Saw is the best Eurofighter I have ridden, try to ride in the front row of the second car, and avoid the seat on the far right.


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Leighton's pretty much covered it!

I'd add that the theming does reflect various scenes from the Saw films, which shows the level of detail at work (and check out the head at the end).

Plus I liked the way the exit of the Immelman flies past the bottom of the lift hill. It's a powerful coaster in a compact footprint. Thorpe succeeds!


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yes... 2nd car is better. If we get a chance, we should probably try and organise it so that people who haven't ridden yet get to go in the 2nd car for their first time, as I think it would've had me crapping my pants even more if I'd been in the 2nd car for my 1st ride.

But yes, in general...

Saw = made of WIN :D


heh, i never got to ride the first car! Jigsaw's lecture got a bit much, but it's better than just waiting in the dark for the other train to get ahead.

I didn't notice a huge difference in the left and right seats, as Leighton did. But i rode the right side first and wasn't really analyzing. I agree that front of the 2nd car is best, left hand side for the photo if you want it.


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Sounds like an excellent ride. The theming, in my opinion, looks as good as Disney's movie-based rides (good for Thorpe Park, bad for Disney :lol:).

Do you get to choose which car you want to ride in? I would be a little disappointed to miss out on a load of effects on my first go.


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Just checked Ian's Twitter account and it sounds like Saw is having problems again.

'is ****ed off that thorpe park cannot get their rides to work all day. Saw is broken. AGAIN!'

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It loads like Oblivion, 2 cars at one time, both are dispatched...

One car doesn't stop, the other one does..

Although apparently all the cars are stopping today... But not for the reason we are on about :lol:

^I've been reading AJ's facebook updates, and been laughing all morning... Guest Services WILL BE MANIC...


not a flicker of a problem yesterday, guess i got lucky. This is terrible news for the park, much worse than the break down on enthusiast day.