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Thorpe Park | Angry Birds | 4D Cinema/area retheme


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Apparently it was removed Monday morning before the park opened. I'm sure someone from CF will confirm sooner or later.


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So can we stop talking about the birds and continue about the birds?


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I really don't think it is a slingshot at all, I thought it was the wooden posts that you aim to knock over in the game? http://p1.pichost.me/i/19/1424630.jpg

I'm new here by the way and can't find information about posting pictures and stuff so if anyone would be able to point me in the right direction or whatever that'd be cool. :)

[PM sent with image info - Ian]


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I'm sure you're all excited to see whats happening. The answer is, not much.

Can't see any difference to the dodgem area than last time I was there.


Birds and pigs have arrived by the cinema.



In other news, the Fish & Chips shop is fully operational.


And Stealth's done a Swarm/Saw and is herding towards the new shop.



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I think the black bird will sit on top of Detonator.. It could be in place of the ball decoration that usually appears on other Fabbri Mega Drops.


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Bit of a random question, sorry for that. But does anyone know if the Angry Birds area has taken over the Pizza Hut buffet in the park?


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I believe the Pizza Hut is staying in the Nemesis Inferno 'zone'. I forget what Thorpe's area names are (they probably have too ;) ).


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Just had a look at the new park map on their horrible new website and saw that the Pizza Hut logo is still there underneath Nemesis Inferno! Here's hoping for a buffet and a ride on Detonator as I'm going the day before the new area opens.

Edit: Not likely to go for the Pizza Hut, maybe some sweet and sour chicken balls!Anyway, maybe the area will be opened for a soft-opening when I go; the park keep posting 'behind the scenes' shots of some upcoming adverts (another Gary Lineker Walkers ad and one for the area itself - not the 'Island' promo) - that'll keep the queues down even more, especially with the weather!


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Having had the pleasure of a trip to Thorpe Park yesterday, I might as well post my review of ABL in this topic.

What I thought when it was announced.

"Meh" is the best way to describe my thoughts.
Angry Birds is a good "bridge" IP between older thrill seakers and children. A wise choice.

My only problem is Thorpe is too small to have themed areas; it seems to me that only the rides are themed. As it stands at the moment, the Det area is a subtle blend between the Amity and Calypso areas. Most of them blend into one so sticking a plasticy Angry Birds theme in the middle of the park at "junction area" might make it feel disjointed.

At the end of the day, no matter how much lipstick Det is wearing, it will still ride like Det (albeit with cheesey soundbites) and two new attractions (dodgems and 4D Cinema) are something to look forward to.
I think they missed a trick not fully incorporating the teacups in the theme. At the moment they're out on a limb. The Tetley sponsorship is probably what's holding them back but it would have been another ideal family ride to include in the rebrand.

What I thought when I visited yesterday.

I was in no rush whatsoever to run to the new area to see how my favourite park in the UK had developed, even after the amazing job they did with Swarm's ride area. I rode Flying Fish and X before venturing into ABL. Even then, that was just to pass through to Inferno.

The main entrance (near to Tidal Wave) is plastic looking archway. If money and maintenance were no object, I'm sure a proper wooden archway would have looked better.

The entrance from the Inferno side is quite lacklustre.

Here are some panoramic views to get an idea of how the area is themed.


Nothing jumped out at me. Of course I could see the new attractions and paint job but it felt bland. There was a lack of excitement in the air which is more evident on Swarm's (and even Saw's) island. There should be sound effects, perhaps paint/decorate the pathways, chuck some Angry Bird models around, or even a few Angry Bird characters/mascot people.


My initial concerns of slapping an IP themed area at a junction area in the park were correct. People were walking through, whilst others were stopping in the middle of the pavement to gawp at those who had paid extra to do the pay-per-play attractions. It felt claustrophobic and some people seemed confused.


As for the rides, Detonator looked like it had reinvented itself as a goth.

The Dodgems looked good.


The best "new" attraction was the 4D Cinema.

The film itself is quite entertaining with a good mixture of effects and 3D. I really liked the explosions. The only drawback was the amount of slingshot action. Far too often the seats titled back and then pinged forward. Yes, I know, that is how Angry Birds the game plays but after the 18th time (exaggeration) it became irritating.

The exit for the 4D Cinema is out the back of Angry Birds Land by the Tea Cups. I said a few months months ago that they should have incorporated the Tea Cups in ABL and I stand by that. As soon as I left the cinema, I was back out in Thorpe Park, not Angry Birds Land. Hopefully when the Tetley sponsorship of the Tea Cups expires, Merlin will add them to ABL.

What I think now.
ABL has breathed a little more life at the heart of Thorpe Park with two new attractions. The area isn't as soulless as it used to be but I still don't get it. It doesn't seem to be aimed at any demographic; it's simply a rethemed area that uses an established IP as a theme. I can't see ABL being a top reason to visit Thorpe Park. It needs a few sparkles here and there to finish it off. If they decorated the floors, pumped in some Angry Bird sound effects, incorporated the Tea Cups and had some mascots wandering around then it would be an improvement. As it stands right now, I was right with what I said back in January; it's quite meh.

The Angry Birds Lands and Sarkanniemi and Lightwater Valley are better because they feel complete.

Stealth, Swarm, Inferno, Rush and X remain my top reason for visiting Thorpe.


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As I said it was going to be rubbish and it has ruined amity the 4d cinema was good just didn't want to be shot so many times off a catapult.