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The World of David Walliams is coming to Alton Towers


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To be fair, that actually looks really nice! Quite a few details, and the theming looks to be of a good quality! I look forward to the finished product!
I know you love positivity as overly negative forums can be really nasty and I'm a massive backer of Alton and Merlin...

BUT, it looks so cheap! Dark rides have really moved forwards in recently years and this looks like it coulda been built 20 years ago.urgh


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To be fair after spending a reported £8 Million on their last terrible attempt at a children’s dark ride in CaTCF back in 2006 i’d go cheap on the next one too

Looks like the ride system has been built locally and the theming done by Merlin in house. I guess the David Walliams IP will have cost more than the ride has.

Still looks like it will be fairly entertaining for young kids which is the target audience.


Milk those scenes and avoid nausea. Should be a great family ride, and no I didn't expect anything mind blowing and this looks fine to me. Don' know the books but as long as the detail is there for the kids it should go down a treat.