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Watched the first ep of Dracula, can't be bothered to continue watching and that was before I heard everyone's gripes with the other eps.

Anyone else see Netflix's Messiah? I thought the concept was interesting but I found it all a bit tedious.

The Witcher - I thought this show looked incredible, the production design was really well done. I found it a bit hard to get in to but gave it a chance as I warmed to the World it was building up. Certainly a show that gets better as it goes, will be very interesting to see a second season.

The Goes Wrong Show - Only first 2 eps have aired so far but it brings more of the Mischeif Theatre groups' antics to the small screen which is always a joy even if some of their gags are being a bit over-used.

Watchmen was excellent, looking forward to the second season.

Watched the Gavin & Stacey special on Christmas day with the family. Had never sat down to watch it before, it was ok, that ending was a bit rubbish though.

Wasn't sure where to put it but I also watched the John Mulaney special on Netflix with the sack lunch bunch. It was a very weird special but I found some of it very funny and I enjoyed a couple of the tunes.


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^ you know I tried watching that Goes Wrong thing because I remembered that you were a big fan of the stage stuff. It was poor though, I managed the first (Xmas) episode and started the second (Pilot) one just in case the awfulness of the first one was a one-off. It wasn't so I switched that off.

The Witcher is good, though - not quite finished it yet as I've been binge watching Man in the High Castle (having acquired a Prime login) instead (yes old news, but I had fancied it for a while (I recall reading the book as a youth) enjoying that but its not as good as I thought it would be - 2 seasons done, 2 to go).

Also S2 of Lost in Space, only a couple of episodes in and it suffers the same issues as S1 I think - high production values, well made, but the pots are awful, so many lucky coincidences in lieu of an actual story. Will persevere though as it is still watchable (and S1 got better as it went along)

Oh and G&S was awful too - I think I watched all the series way back when, but so many of the "characters" are just horrible.


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It wasn't so I switched that off.
Fair. My Sister has the same reaction to their TV work. I think there is something about it that doesn't translate as well to the screen, the stage shows are prone to a fair amount of improv too.

I didn't gel too well with Man in High Castle, liked the concept but it felt like one of those shows that wouldn't go anywhere interesting with it. Don't think I lasted too many eps. Will be giving Lost in Space S2 a watch soon.

Forgot some earlier!

Crown season 3, fantastic production if a bit slow at times. Always interesting watching the politics unfold as I admit I'm a bit clueless to some of these stories and political figures.

Don't f*** with cats - Brilliant documentary about some internet goons researching into a horrible video that leads to some insane twists.
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^ Also currently blasting through The Crown (currently midway through series 2) after it was recommended to me some time ago. The show is surprisingly great, it somehow succeeds in making some of the (arguably) mundane Royal affairs seem enthralling and dramatic. Very well written and produced and the casting is on point (thus far, I know it'll change come series 3).

Don't F*ck with Cats was a good documentary. Probably in my Top 10 crime documentaries produced by Netflix. Again, this is mainly down to great use of writing, production and editing as the way the story unravels over the 3 episodes is fascinating and gripped me from the beginning

Finally, I decided to tuck into that 'The People vs OJ'. A bit late to the party, I know. The first episode was okay, meandered a bit and got a bit bored through aspects of it but episode 2 onwards was impressive, and again, very well written. Since it's part of the American Crime Story series, we're going to move onto the next series which is 'The Assassination of Gianni Versace', as it also looks quite interesting. I think there's a new series out this year about the whole Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky affair... which seems like a different direction for the series to go.

X: Uknown

Just saw the newest episode of Harley Quinn. The show as a whole is witty and irreverent, with characters I didn't know existed like the Queen of Fables and Kite man. i will say there is lots of blood in episode 1 and 7 and you'll never see the Three Little Pigs the same way again.


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Anyone watching the show You on Netflix? It's a little but far-fetched but season 1 was great and season 2 seems like it's shaping up to be pretty good as well. Never watched a show where the viewer roots for a murderous villain, which is one of the reasons I've found it interesting. I binge watched it which is unusual for me.

Also the Circle is total crap/trash TV but I watched all of that so far as well.


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^ I watched the 1st series of You after enjoying the book, and I really liked it. I wasn't as keen on the 2nd series though. I watched all of it, but it wasn't a patch on the 1st and was trying too hard to be Dexter.

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Sadly, we're not wrong. Dave is never wrong, you should know this by now. ;)

In other news, I'm having quite a lot of fun watching Disjointed on Netflix. It's a sit-com where Kathy Bates - yes, the Kathy Bates plays the owner of a California weed shop.
Don't quite see it becoming the new Big Bang Theory, but it's pretty funny... if you're into 'that kind of thing'. ;)
Nothing pisses me off more than knowing they didn't give this show a second season. It's ****ing gold. Dank and Dabbie are the highlights. The cast is great.

I'm gonna go rewatch now.

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