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"i just go by the fact that "

I was telling someone that Sweden was part of Europe.. and I had to copy some of what he said.


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Surreal comedy show about two zookeepers. When another bad gig is put down to Howard being old and past it, the boys use Naboo's magical amulet to transport themselves to the Fountain of Youth, where they hope to turn back the clock. However, to get there they must first go through the Desert of Nightmares where they encounter an evil cockney Sultan, a rebel army and Sandstorm, a beast made of sand that is incapable of love.

Woo! Boosh!


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I won't be surprised if he's autistic or it's just fake

i think i was quoting someone, i was gonna post here the other day but the only thing in my clipbord was my credit card details, all the best bits. didnt want you all spending my money.


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"Good school discipline should be instilled through the mind, not the behind." - Robert E. Fathman, Ph.D. President, National Coalition to Abolish Corporal Punishment in Schools

Was doing my english homework which is about Corporal Punishment.


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Jake-4 says:
you don't want to be here in 20 years time though
Titan>Anyone have a MOV converter? says:
Jake-4 says:
civil war factor 10

I think i was showing someone a quote...


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Coin collecting minigames appear in <font color=orange>orange</font>.

***Manta Rings
**Slime Time
**Mario Medley
**<font color=orange>Paratrooper Plunge</font>
**Toad's Quick Draw
**Three Throw
**Photo Finish
**Mr. Blizzard's Brigade
**Bob-omb Breakers
**Long Claw of the Law
**Stamp Out!
**Mario Speedwagons

*1 vs. 3

**Team tries to eliminate solo player
***Candlelight Flight
***Makin' Waves
***Tree Stomp
**Solo player tries to eliminate team
***Hide and Go BOOM!
***Blame it on the Crane
***Hop or Pop
**Same objective for both sides
***Fish n' Drips
***<font color=orange>Money Belts</font>

*2 vs. 2
**Teamwork required
***The Great Deflate
***Team Treasure Trek
***<font color=orange>Pair-a-Sailing</font>
***Dungeon Duos
***Right Oar Left?
**Teamwork not required
***Order Up
***Cheep Cheep Sweep

**Trace Race
**Chain Chomp Fever
**Paths of Peril
**Bowser's Biggest Blast
**Butterfly Blitz
**Rumble Fishing

**Darts of Doom
**Fruits of Doom
**Balloon of Doom

**Bowser Bop
**Mystic Match 'Em
**Goomba's Chip Flip
**Kareening Koopas

**The Final Battle
**Bowser Wrestling
**Panels of Doom

*Extra Room
**1P (Whomp's Basement Brouhaha)
***Jigsaw Jitters
***Barrel Baron
***Mushroom Medic
***Doors of Doom
***Bob-omb X-ing
***Goomba Stomp
**Multiplayer (Thwomp's Backroom Ball)
***Mega Board Mayhem
***Mini Board Mad-Dash
***Challenge Booksquirm
***Panel Panic

Was editing a page on wikipedia ;)


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Wenn ist das Nurnstuck git und Slotermeyer? Ja! Feierhund das oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!

The world's funniest joke (the writer died laughing) in German so British troops won't die. It helps if you know Monty Python.


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Wenn ist das Nurnstuck git und Slotermeyer? Ja! Feierhund das oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!

um......... was translating that in babelfish i had to know. btw it came out as

If that is git only stucco and Slotermeyer? Yes! Celebration dog that or the Flipperwaldt gersput

damn now thats in my clipbpord and its nonsense.....


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I was posting in another thread and couldn't spell the word so I went on google to check how to spell it lol.