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The best Rollercoaster soundtrack?


Valhalla's music is excellent, and still my favourite; there's more musical ideas packed into that than most of IMAScore's 60 minute soundtracks IMO (even though the melody comes from somewhere else!)

Icon's score is also a favourite, I love the unique blend of electronic sounds, the epic choir and the different variations of each melody; I just wish PB would maintain the speaker setup properly!

Taron and Helix both have great music, and I really like most of Thorpe's original themes; it's a crying shame they went and got IMAScore to re-do all their soundtracks when their originals were far superior. The original entrance music was just incredible.

Hex at Alton is also worthy of a mention, the main theme is awesome but the ambient tracks are just phenominal.


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love me some cheese!
I used to love this! I haven't been to Toverland since they got their IMAscore update...

Speaking of silly and cheese, who doesn't love Furius Baco queueline area soundtrack? I swear I have been humming that tune more times than I can count.

Honorable mentions to best soundtrack go to Top Thrill Dragster and Millennium Force. Cedar Point sure knows how to get their riders pumped before even leaving the stations. Helix and Euromir are tracks I could go clubbing listening to as well!


I know it's not really a full soundtrack or anything, but the first 20 seconds of this; especially when you're sat on the front row staring down the misty launch at night is goosebump stuff.

Any coaster that begins like that is hype.

Like Fluch von Novgorod has gotten pretty rough since it opened but I look forward to those doors opening every time.

I can't find any good footage of Kärnan leaving the station (most POVs start at the turn before the small drop prior to the lift) but I love that part too and needless to say the tower itself is epic.
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Blue Fire at Europa Park gets my vote. I prefer the original soundtrack to the island score. imascore truly outdid themselves.
I also enjoy the Klugheim soundtrack and recommend it to everybody.
For me :- Dwirvalwind, as it's onboard too, Flying Dutchman Queue music at Efteling is an Earworm too! And for EDM goodness you can't beat EUROMIR!


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Although it’s not a rollercoaster, I love the Chiapas theme.

Best coaster music has to go to Taron in my opinion. However Space mountain Mission 2 is right up there with it!


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I know I am also cheating slightly but Derren Brown’s Ghost Train is an awesome soundtrack. Also love


And although annoying it does its job

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