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The best drop towers in world

Mystery Castle is a tower that drops you down = drop tower

That is also happens to be a "Shot tower", makes it even better
For my personal list, I'm going to stick with the "Traditional" Drop tower design. Mystery Castle is a completely different experience. Don't get me wrong, I love that ride, but it just doesn't feel like a drop tower to me.

Take Croc Drop at Chessington World of Adventures for example. I've ridden it, yet I do not rank it. Most would describe it as a drop tower, but because it's not a complete freefall from the top to the breaks, it's not included.


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Most would describe it as a drop tower, but because it's not a complete freefall from the top to the breaks, it's not included.

Havnt done Croc drop. But Mystery Castle actually involves freefall drops in all three programs. Program 2 even has 2 freefall drops. While all programs also have shoot down sequences. That's what I love with Mystery castle, you can feel both natural freefalls and forced shoot downs in the same ride cycle.

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To voice another American opinion in here:
  1. Drop Line (Dollywood)
  2. Stratosfear (Knoebels)
  3. Drop Tower (Kings Dominion)
  4. Supershot (Various Fairs)
  5. Hershey Triple Tower-Reece’s (Hersheypark)
  6. Demon Drop (Dorney Park)
  7. Power Tower Up (Cedar Point)
  8. Dominator Down (Dorneypark)
  9. Dominator Up (Dorneypark)
  10. Mäch Tower (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)
I know ranking Drop Line above others is unusual, but the light theming + views of the smoky mountains assist the drop to make it my number 1.
I’m really hoping Falcon’s Fury is open for my first trip to Florida this April because that looks like the perfect drop tower for my preferences but we’ll see 🤞


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I am a fairly recent convert to drop towers. Used to be too terrified to ride them, but @Slamming Coastercore 's enthusiasm for a drop tower is infectious. Now I find them scary but enjoyable, and have ridden many on my own!

I haven't included ToT or Mystery Castle here. I adore both of those rides but to me they are in a different league as they are high budget captivating dark ride experiences as well. Comparing a bare drop tower to ToT just doesn't seem fair to me.

1. Detonator at Thorpe Park (the perfect powerful drop, gets me in the tummy every time)

2. Dalton Terror at Walibi Belgium (feels like you're floating forever, love it, a close second)

3. Drop Tower Scream Zone at Carowinds (floaty and excellent views)

4. Space Vertigo at Gardaland (exceptionally punchy drop, very re-ridable, marked down due to cap that prevents views at the top)

5. Hangover at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland (another one that gets me right in the tummy)

6. Anubis Free Fall Tower at Holiday Park (suspenseful hold at the top, good floaty drop)

7. Hurakan Condor at Port Aventura (excellent long drop, good view, not a fan of the assigned seating. I want to choose whether I sit or stand, not be forced to stand up)

8. Apocalypse at Drayton Manor (My first big drop tower. RIP)

9. Kingi at Linannmaki (Feels very tall, decent drop)

10. Jolly Roger at Pleasurewood Hills (very very powerful drop, almost too intense for me being fired down that quickly. Found this much more intense than Detonator)

11. Mach Tower at Busch Gardens Williamsburg (its fine, nothing particularly stood out on this one for me)

12. Doppelter Donnerbalken at Tripsdrill (a short drop tower with a quirky unsuspecting twist!)

13. Drop Tower at Kings Dominion (absolutely massive but not very forceful)

14. Hollywood Action Tower at Movieland Park (I don't like the bit on your back)

15. Falcons Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa (slow)

16. Oil Tower 2 at Mirabilandia (forceless)