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Snowy Wonderland - Old project


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I don't think there's enough going on to be honest. Needs more crowding.


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Cheeky gits ;) I was just browsing this park earlier and found I had put a dive machine in. Quite well hidden too.


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I like parks like this, show how RCT is MEANT to be played. You know, as a non-serious, fun take on building a theme park.


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I dunno, A gravity defying tower of snowballs through the middle of the world's biggest toilet bowl helix certainly steps lightly out of the realms of impressionist and stamps into the world of surrealism quite effectively I thought. It's certainly art...


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Meh, people play how they want to play I guess! Personally I like to make things look pretty realistic, but not with getting anal about it saying like oh this has to be to scale at approximately .145 of a diameter to the radius of .7 exerting approximately 4.5 Gs of force with a clearance of .2 metres. :p I don't hate people who want to play like this though, it looks cool.


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I like surreal building in Rollercoaster Tycoon because at the end of the day you're playing a game and your only duty is to create something that makes Peeps and you happy. I see No Limits for realism. However, obviously stupid designs can break the suspension of disbelief (non banked curves or going far too fast).
However I understand people want to build realism in a computer game. I just wish that they didn't force people to conform to their philosophy. It will make for a very boring player base if everyone made whacky designs or realistic designs. Variety should be encouraged, not stomped out.

I like your park. It reminds me of when I played a Scenario in RCT1 expansion where I completed it long ago, but I liked the landscape very much. Ended up making billions of money and cramming every space with rides. Very fun. I regret that my prolonged exposure to RCT3 prevents me from ever revisiting RCT2 ever again, likewise for RCT1 :(

I miss how easy it was to recolour individual bits of track.