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Smells like Teen Spirits trip reports


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I'm the noob, you lot should be doing the leg work here. :p

Anyone I've not added is just because I couldn't find them or I forgot there names or they don't look like there profile picture in real life which confuses me. :p


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I'm famously not on Facebook. I used to be on there with a secret account but I've deleted that now. :D

Joey said:
Sorry, but I don't write trip reports.
That may be but how hard is it to link a few FB photos and write a short caption underneath it?


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Neal said:
furie said:
Neal, you ARE rather simple! :p

Nono, I SHOULD be - but am not :lol:

We'll agree to disagree! :)

I'm Phil Steadman - that should help. I think a lot of the photos in my album are tagged too :)


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Ian said:
I'm famously not on Facebook. I used to be on there with a secret account but I've deleted that now. :D

I gave it up, deleted my account, and then opened a new one when I came over here. All the cool kids seemed to have it. :p

Mysterious Sue

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and after my first live has come the atmoic head of trying to match names to faces to facebook names to forum names. ARG! Shocked

Same, I've tried to add people on FB, if I forgoten anyone sorry, please feel free to friend me. I'll put up my few photos when I get a chance


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Yeah, i'm well surprised you found me Novas, it's not even an obvious name =/.

Just writing my trip report, it's bare long o_0


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Go on then, I'll repeat what's been said already, starting with Alton. No pictures though, as I didn't feel the need to take a camera to a theme park as part of a 30-strong group of coaster geeks.

I had to leave the house at the ungodly hour of 6:30, which actually isn't too bad, apart from the fact it was a Saturday. I was at the park less than 3 hours later; I always forget that Alton isn't actually too far from me.

Half asleep, I just managed to get the bus (shiver) to the train station, and within minutes that seemed like hours was being whisked away, courtesy of Arriva Trains Wales (double shiver), towards Chester. If I never see Chester train station again, I'll be a very happy bunny. EVERY **** ING TRAIN JOURNEY I take seems to connect through there. A quick transfer, and I was on a lovely Virgin train to Crewe, the most pointless town in the country.

I sat in the quiet coach and SPITED the "no phones/headphones" rule by listening to my MP3 player. The quiet coach is usually deemed as the most appropriate place to sit in your tracksuit with your three screaming spawn, whilst having an extremely loud phone argument with the man who thinks he's the father of the next one, if going from previous experience. There was nobody else in the carriage though, so my anarchic breaking of the rules went completely unnotticed.

I had a half hour wait in Crewe, so decided to eat and drink something in order to stave off the thoughts of jumping off the closest available platform, which must come to everyone with any experience of the place. The cold sausage and bacon sandwich, for which I had 3 quid robbed off me, did very little to boost the greyness of Crewe, but had the effect of making the HORRIBLE train I had to get on to escape the place seem like an absolute joy.

Less than an hour later, I got off at the glorified bus stop that is Uttoxeter train station (my, what a thriving metropolis Uttoxeter must be!) and straight into the waiting car of Novas. Best part of the day so far! I avoided having to get the peasant wagon to the park, and Novas avoided having to show up alone, not knowing anyone. Everyone wins!

The weather was ****, which has been mentioned before, so we bought umbrellas. They weren’t too badly priced at a fiver, and the staff in the shop were nice. However, it may be more appropriate to ask “Are you enjoying your day” at a more appropriate time, not first thing in the morning when the park has just opened and no rides are open yet, to a customer who’s having to buy an umbrella because of the crappy weather and who is wetter than a 12-year old girl at a Justin Beiber concert.

Anyway, we met the group and headed to Th45teen, fully expecting a four-hour-plus queue. As has been mentioned, this was far from the case and we were on in just over an hour. It’s an excellent sign of things to come if they can run it like that on opening day, and clear a full queue line in around in hour. I’ve posted my thoughts in the other topic, but just realised I must have taken some pictures on my phone or something because I’ve just found these:



After riding, I waited with a few others away from the exit while the majority of the group had their Wardley w@nk, and then we did other stuff.

Oblivion was great as always, and it was nice to ride with someone (Enigma Shadow – lovely guy) who hadn’t been on it before.

Nemesis was running brilliantly.

The aquarium thing is actually quite nice, but has the annoying “ghost of the sea” and spiteful doors.

I STILL don’t have the Beastie CRED!!!

It was a really good day though, despite the weather. I was fully expecting to spend the whole day in a massive queue, but we managed to have a full park day and get on loads.

Obviously it was great to see everyone again, and to meet new people.

On the way to the opulent Tamworth Travelodge, we decided to drive past the MASSIVE Asda superstore, and opted instead for a Tiny Tesco Metro to pick up booze.

Mark and I managed to get through 4 bottles of wine in about an hour and a half. I have no idea if/what anyone else was drinking, as it’s all a bit hazy now. I seem to remember Marc falling off a bed at some point though???

Drayton to come…


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So... on to Sunday!

Got up early and went for a bucket of coffee in the services before returning to the room to don my 80's tat. The first of many laughs were also to be had waiting for Ian to transform into Mr T.

Whilst driving to the park, the ocupants of at least one car all turned round to have a look after the driver had clearly looked in the rear-view mirror and said "Look! There's Mr T!"

We arrived at the park, and began what would be the biggest faff of the day. Whilst waiting for the welsh to appear, a woman came through the gates dressed as what can only be described as mid-80's Cher. I was not alone in seriously thinking for more than a split second that it was actually Slade in his outfit! hehe! Eventually the real Slade appeared, and did not disappoint us. Once again, he proved that when it comes to dressing up, he's in a different league! Other awesome costumes were also sported by Neal and Fraser. Sue, Karen, Kirsten and Myself also took the opportunity to dress 80's style. After a few photos, and the presentation of the 80's themed prizes - RUBIX CUBES! - we headed for troublesome trucks.

TT probably had the biggest queue of the day, which is a common theme now as Drayton seems to attract more families with small kids than anything else. It wasn't quite as much fun as I remembered it, but it's still excellent for a kiddie coaster. It would've been very easy for them to get something like a big apple, so it's nice they made the effort on something a bit more original.

I really can't remember the ride order after that. I think it was Malestrom next. A great ride, but again, not as much fun as I remembered. After that go, I definately now think Flip Flop is better. Mind you, I was somewhat stapled in, so who knows.

Then on to G-Force. I don't care what anyone says, I LOVE this coaster. It's completely different to anything else in the UK, and Drayton should be respected for that. The only thing I don't like is the throughput. Oh, and that it's too short!

Then it was onto Shockwave. Managed to get front row, which is always nice. I feel that it's a bit 'meh', but probably not as terrible as many people say. That said, I don't remember thinking all that much of the only other stand up coaster I've ever been on, so perhaps it's just something about the ride type.

After that, I called water rides followed by lunch. This gave everyone a nice long time to faff with food, and go and ride stuff on their own. After eating, we went to see Happy Feet 4D. The effects are very few and far between (the least of any 4D film I've ever seen) and the 3D is barely there. As far as the actual film goes, it's essentially an abridged version of the movie... where they've left in all the crap bits and taken out all the good ones. Also, don't go expecting to hear any of your favourite penguin sung songs, as it's all royalty-free music. Cheapskates. It is worth noting though that there is a pre-show that we missed.

After that, I went and sat down with Neal and Rich for a bit and waited for everyone else to arrive at Apocalypse. Cue mass Kinder Egg based faffage (Cheers, Ian!), and many many re-rides on the fab drop tower. I did 3 goes on the stand up side before fearing that I'd see my lunch again.

It was then time for the trio of silly rides, starting with Big Tits. Then it was onto Chuff Nuggetts, which Sue broke, then Martyn H got P0wned by the water pistols. Finally, it was time for Pound Shop Hex, also now known as "rubber-chicken-on-a-stick".

A few of the group then did Pandemonium, while we watched (and laughed) as Mark and Brad had the world's gayest light sabre fight, before all moving onto Buffalo coaster. This was actually faster than I remembered it. However, I still think it looks a lot better than it is, and that they could easily replace it with something a lot more worthwhile.

Having ridden all the big stuff, we decided to continue onto the other kiddie rides. First was Excalibore. I actually could not believe that this is a fairly recent addition to the park. None of the effects were working, and most of the figures were falling apart, with limbs and even heads missing. That was a massive disappointment, and something the park desperately need to address. We then went on the Piratey dark boat ride. This was marginally better, but still not really up to scratch. Although this one does fall into the category of "so bad it's good" as there's plenty of w@nking jokes to be made and other daft stuff to keep you entertained.

It was then onto Pile of Ship. The usual shouts of "Coaster... Force" were intended to be replaced by those of "Goon... Force", however, what we actually got was "Good... Barrier". We also tried other stuff, like the dead celebrity game, but the two ends of the boat just couldn't get it together.

To make Marc's dream come true, we then went for a ride on Thomas. Only, we didn't, we actually ended up on Rosie. It was lovely to see a completely different part of the park. I can't say as I've ever been out there, even when I used to visit the park as a kid. The Play Area is epic, especially as there's nothing in the rules to prevent adults playing (as if that would've stopped us!) Can't wait to see Big John's video, as slide times were AMAZING! Ploddish also proved that he's a musical genius when presented with a giant Xylophone and two stones. After being spited by Rosie again, we decided to wait for Thomas, so had a bit more of a faff in the museums etc before finally getting to ride the train of choice back to the main park.

After a quick vote, there was time for a go on Black Revolver (with a couple of us opting for G-Force instead) before squeezing in a go on Malestrom before the queues closed. It was then time to say my thank yous before a quick chorus of "VADGE! Ah-ah!" and our trademark incencere goodbyes.

Again, massive thanks to everyone for being happy, cheerful, up for a laugh, cooperative (apart from stone cold when I was trying to announce the post lunch meet up *glares*), and keeping the faff to a minimum. We managed to have a really full day and I for one had a fantastic time.

Bi! *wriggles fingers*


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Alton+Drayton CF live was great!! Here comes my trip report

Day 0 -Pre Live

The day started with me leaving school slightly early to meet up with Brad, Matt and Darren. Once we were all ready we set of to Alton. The journey was pretty fun and only took 2hours30mins which included a scary near crash moment down one of the country roads. Once we got to Alton, we decided to go and see the chained oak which is in the forest right next to the park.


The Chained Oak that's in the Hex story


Our hotel for the night


John Wardley's parking space :)

We then decided to play Alton Towers mini golf which was great fun! 18 holes all themed to rides in the park - Pictures of the mini golf:





After all the fun at the mini golf, we walked around to the main entrance of the park to see the new Corkscrew entrance. Once we got there, we realised that the actual park was open so we walked in and had a look around. We walked up to the towers and then into the Dark Forest to check out the new area and Thi3teen. It then started to rain quite heavily so we headed back after taking some photos. V




empty Alton Towers


Brad, Me, Matt outside Thirteen


Me at the Thirteen queue

When we got back to the hotel we found out that it was the Thirteen press evening so it was full of news reporters and even a few celebrities who were going to ride. Jonathan Ross, Bill Bailey and some of the Skins cast were amongst the celebrities.

:) :) :)
Bill Bailey !

It was a very fun day and a great way to prepare for the actual live which followed =]

Day 1 & 2 will be up shortly x


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Vadge said:
a woman came through the gates dressed as what can only be described as mid-80's Cher.

She could also have been described as an '80s-inspired, transsexual prostitute. Did anyone get a picture?


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Cool picture Ryan!

Brad, you look a tit. Sunglasses on top of head and swept back hair? *tut* :p


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Looks like you guys had a great time. Great pictures and the costumes were pretty dang hot. :p


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I only took 5 pictures due to the rain on Saturday and on Sunday I just wanted to enjoy the day. Sorry about that as I normally take hundreds.

Here are the ones I took.







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lol! You got exactly the same number and poses as I did! All I took the whole weekend was 5 pics of Gene and Freedy on TT! :D

And JayJay... WANT!!!! *tells JJ's computer to HURRY UP!*


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On to Drayton...

First off, I was feeling pretty rough. It's actually very silly and irresponsible of Tesco to put 3-bottles-of-piss-for-a-tenner within reach of a student teacher who hasn't been outside his bedroom or a classroom in weeks.

Anyway, it turns out that I was also coming down with a cold, which was being sneakily hidden by the hangover, so I was basically feeling like crap on quite a few levels.

However, I gave it a good go, and managed to ride pretty much everything, although I was very, very close to vomiting after Maelstrom. I'm a bit annoyed at myself that I didn't ride Apocalypse, since I love it, but by that point in the day I really couldn't handle much more and thought it best to sit it out.

Shockwave felt a lot rougher than I remember from a couple of years ago, but I still quite like it. It's definitely not a favourite, but it's unique and the zero-g is fun.

G-Force can still officially suck me off. Hated it before. Hate it now.

I still think Stormforce is one of the better UK water rides, but is there really any need for 2 feet of water in the bottom of the boat? Seriously, just going into the small drop out of the station got our feet completely saturated as all the water rushed into the front. NOT PLEASANT!

What else...?

For some bizarre reason I actually like the pirate ride thing. I think it's probably because it's just so blatantly trying to be a rip-off of Pirates of the Caribbean, and is such a dismal failure. I just want to hug it.

Excalibur was a good excuse to have "a nice sit down." How long has that thing been there? I think someone mentioned it was only a few years old, which is genuinely shocking considering the state it's in. Saying that, I can't see that it could ever have been any good. Such a waste of space as well; it's **** ing huge!

Happy Feet 4D. Why? I'm NOT a fan of 4D theatres anyway, but THAT was beyond awful. I think Fraser and I spent more time shaking our heads and bitching to each other about it than actually watching it. Sh!te!

Haunting, I think, wouldn't seem quite so terrible if it weren't for Hex just up the road. I actually really like it from the outside. It's away from any other rides and is actually decently themed. Inside it's awful though, and the spinning room, tilting seats never seem quite in synch. Did it come after Hex? If so, it was a silly decision.

Anyway, for me Drayton was less about the rides and more about just hanging out with CF and having more of a chilled day out, which was accomplished perfectly.

Big Love xxx