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Smells like Teen Spirits trip reports


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Okay, it's not even started yet, but for when it does - put your stuff in here.

I'm sure that due to the magic of the interwebs, there'll be reports posted as the day goes on.

Remember to check the Twitter channel too, I'm sure there'll be insightful (read:bored) queueline tweeting.


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First back I guess.

Well, it's been cold, wet and hard work - but it was a good day anyway.

Queues and reliability have both been kind to us (despite a bit of a blip from Nemesis ERT (air put on as a replacement) and Oblivion having a hissy fit). Longest queue was 70 minutes for Th13teen.

Views on Th13teen were generally a little low on coming off, but meeting Mr Wardley at the exit and getting a chance to interview him (thanks to everyone who sorted that) was superb stuff.

Many, many thanks to John for taking the time out for this on such a massively busy and important day for him.

Spirits generally high, shocking considering the weather (mostly atrocious with the odd step into utterly abysmal). All in all a fab day.

Will undoubtedly post more as tiredness wears off! :)

Very few photos here - none really post worthy...
http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=5 ... e2d9dc812c


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I'm sure they'll be dozens of reports on the actual content of the day, so I won't go there.

For me today was really just about testing the water, meeting as many people as possible in a very short space of time, seeing how you operate and if this is a community that I'd like to really be a part of.

The good news is that today was epic win on all accounts. I do apoligise if I came across grumpy/rude to anyone, I was hungover, and I really can't handle being cold & wet, so was a little overwhelmed at times. But it was a really enjoyable day, and I met some lovely people. Thanks to all for being so welcoming and hope to see you again soon.


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Fantastic start to this year in theme parks for me. I've got nothing better to do now, so here's a trip report.

Katy and I arrived at the park at about 8.40, making our first queue for the day the one at the entrance. I used this time to talk to Nicky and Enigma Shadow which was fun because I have not talked to CFers since the Drayton non-live last year. Nice to see new faces here this year, and fantastic that you seemed to fit into the group so well.

Rainy times ensued as we went down to do ERT on Nemesis. But Nemesis broke, so we did Air instead. Meh. Since Air was rubbish and took ages on a small queue, we had to leave and go back to the entrance to meet the second load of people. More chatting happened, and we then headed off to Th13teen.

The silly lady doing the queue told us that the queue was over two hours long, and ended up being over by almost an hour. General conversation, filming, balloons and diabolo made this queue quite interesting and CF proves once again its queue busting awesomeness. Th134567teen broke down for 5 minutes, which amused me. When I got on Thi-three-teen, I had a quite fun ride, and my thoughts on that were mainly positive and can be viewed in Ian's General Discussions topic. Suddenly I spotted John Wardley, which was awesome. I didn't talk or have a picture but it was nice to see him at the opening of the ride.

After 13 was Oblivion. While I queued, I realised Thorpe Park had done something to Alton Towers, because Oblivion broke down as well. This breakdown did not amuse me, but irritated me instead. bad times. Oblivion in the rain is quite fun but annoying coming out of the tunnel.

Instead of having lunch, I broke off with Slayed and Enigma Shadow and co. to do Hex. Enigma Shadow provided me with Galaxy, which pleased me greatly. Hex was good as usual. Unfortunately, this did not leave us with time for lunch, so we just met up with S&M-Ghost_Furie (who came up with that one?) and everyone else for Nemesis. Nemesis + rain = awesomecrazy! Duel was done afterwards, but my gun wasn't clocking up points, so I ended up with about 200 for half the ride, then 1500 at the end (still need to beat my high score with 50500). Instead of doing Runaway Mine Train, I joined Peter and Martyn on a quest to find food. My quest ended in some poor chips from the Mutiny Bay place. The hot dog place was closed, so Peter and Martyn had to settle for Burger King.

The group passed, so I joined them, but since I'd done Hex already, I decided to pass and instead, ran to do Rita on SRQ. I would have done another ride, but CF finished Hex before I got a chance, so I left the queue and joined the queue proper. Rita was very good as usual, but on todays visit, not running as well as Nemesis.

Then it was 4:00, so I had to leave to get to my concert. I wish I could have stayed the rest of the day, but I couldn't.

So overall, a very fun day. Alton has a reputation of being hard work and not condusive to a good CF-Live, but today was fun and worked very well. Drayton tomorrow should be awesome as Drayton usually is for CF-Lives (let's forget 2008 shall we). Crap theme park, but group days out always seem to work really well.

edit: that took me about 10 minutes to type. Where does UC get all his time from?

Nemesis Inferno

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Although I wasn't in the group today, I had some fun...

Runaway Train reactions were amusing on the other hand, but that was the only time I ever bumped into the main group...

Honestly shocked how quiet it was... Expecting a lot more people today (as were the park if we're honest by their apparent reaction to the full Thirteen queue :lol:), but, fewer people means more rides (depending on how you're taking your day, I did 12 rides)...

The rain was rather annoying after a while, and I sense I may get my second Alton based cold of the year this week from today...


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I'm going to say a quick hello before coming back on Monday evening with what shall be one epic TR.

Rain was an annoyance
Trains home were an even bigger annoyance
CF times were, as always, epic :D


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I have costume based times, Richad has Ferrari rage in the bathroom and Will is actually useless - will see you in a couple of hours. :)


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This is Brad on leightons iPhone while he is sleeping. (waits for the you slept with Leighton comments)
Had a very good time yesterday and hope today is even better.


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*has only just woken up since yesterday*

The day started at an ungodly hour of 5am and it was off to Manchester Piccadily for a train to Crewe and then change onto a train to Stafford to meet Furie.

(Note: Virgin Pendalino trains while nice and smooth are not great for trying to stay awake at a very early time in the morning when you are sleepy)

Furie was on time much to the shock of the people we met at the car park. The monorail operators were trying to make sure the monorail was full so I ended up on my own with five random people so I didn't split up Fraser and Katie.

The rain began and carried on and on and on. Umbrella came out and stayed out for the rest of the day.

*will now finish this at a later point as more sleep will be good at this moment*


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Back ages, even had an hour and a half long nap in the meantime - but here is my weekend in pictures....

Stone Cold arrived on time Friday night (as you'd expect from an accountant); we proceeded to Wetherspoon's, had a couple of drinks and were finally presented with a wet Willy!


The cheek, eh? Disgusting service!

The morning happened, it was wet. Very wet. Wetter even than the Willy we'd been presented with the night before! It was therefore only prudent that after 'rageagainstthemachinetimes' (anger directed at Air); that a big grinned fish with a toothy smile and fab pants came and cheered me up. :)


Reliability (or lack of it) became the theme of the day that wasn't weather-centric. It's clear from the following image that OblivionRAGE has become a major recurring problem for Alton's first vertical drop coaster...


After the dreadful excuse of a birthday party the night before, the three of us made sure that we weren't to be outdone! A saucepan of kitchen roll filtering later and we had........


... fruit based drink! <3

It all went rather washed-up rockstar after that if I'm honest. ESPECIALLY when a Z.A.I.D.S. infected fatFreddy appeared determined to make people listen to him and not the Fat Controller (no, not Ian - he was Mr T.) at Drayton...


1 fan? Pah! Not bad for a man 19 years dead :lol:


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Phew. Home.

Bloody exhausted and throat is killing me... I will post something at a later point when I am feeling less zZzZzZz


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Home now.

Great weekend so thanks everyone.

Thank you Furie for Saturday the day could not have gone better, despite the rain we all kept our heads up and carried on like it was not raining. That to me says a lot for CF.

Thanks Vadge for Drayton, we got round the park really well with little waiting around great day.

Thanks Ian for the sweets and stuff, and everyone else for the sweets :)

Was great to meet new people on this live as well many who I hope to see again soon.

Ghost of the Sea lol :)

I will do a report when I am awake lol.


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I can't be bothered with a full trip report right now for Sunday. I can definately promise you all a video now. I was a bit unsure after recording 6 minutes yesterday, but today, I got loads of antics and some good coaster shots to fill in the gaps.

Drayton was awesome, like I thought it would be. Slayed as Gene Simmonds was epic, as was the other costumers. Great day, lots of fun with everyone. The rides were running very well today and those that were not so good were made a lot better by CF.


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Thanks to everyone for a perfect start to the season!

Knackered now, so proper update tomorrow. However, just a few quick thank yous...

Well done to Furie for Saturday. It was a logistical nightmare, and you made it look easy! Excellent work!

Thanks to Th-onethree-teen for being open and having decent enough throughput to make the queue relatively painless.

Massive thanks to everyone for today. Special mention to everyone who dressed up. Minimal faffage, but still plenty of antics - just the way it should be.

Thanks to everyone who helped set back my diet over the weekend by feeding me lots of sweets. Much appreciated :)


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Feel really jealous seeing all the pics getting uploaded :(

Ian looked ****ing awesome as Mr T!

Glad you all had a good time :)


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I must say, I really enjoyed Saturday dispite the rain and annoying breakdowns.

I love the way our group feels close, more like a group of friends on a day out, much more than just enthusiasts with common interests. Its the perk of CF-Lives.

Thank you for a great day out guys.

Great to meet Wardley again too. He is a great man. Mark, you looked star struck! :) It shows on the video too.

And thanks Ewan (and co.) for comming for the last part of Sunday.

Feels wierd now sitting in an IT lesson at college after this weekend! I'm dead! But it was worth it :D

Time to start a few bits of editing soon then... joy! :D


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Best weekend ever <3 Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, was so fantastic. Thanks for being epic and making me and Kirsten feel right at home and like we fit in the group :)

Met lots of new people, and it was great to see those I'm familiar with again.

I'd write a full trip report, but I'd probably end up writing 2000 words. So I wont bother.