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It appears the new name for Tornado at Legendia is Diabelska Pętla (Devil's Loop or Diabolic Loop):
It was rumoured to be getting a Steampunk theme but there is no sign of any kind of change in appearance in the picture on the website. RCDB states that it has been refurbished. It will be interesting to see if anything has changed apart from the name!


It will be interesting to see if anything has changed apart from the name!
It has :) I was at the park last weekend and took these photos. The whole ride seems to have had a repaint, a new station building and if you look closely at the last pic you can see the front of the train, which has been repainted. Not sure I'd call it Steampunk though, more like a horror fantasy style I'd say.

Looks like it's almost ready to reopen so I probably missed getting the cred by a couple of weeks. :(


Looks like a great refresh, Poland is becoming a great country for coasters hopefully this park will see more themeing and coasters in the future.


Ah thanks for the update, it's looking pretty good actually, I'm glad they're investing in it as I still need the cred (too young/scared at AA, spited last year at Legendia).


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Karls Erlebnis Dorf Elstal, the random strawberry farm just outside of Berlin which added an abc Tube coaster last year, is planning on adding some form of accommodation in 2021. They have expanded their ride offering this year and I expect that expansion to continue next year..

I visited on Friday, expect a full review soon. But spoilers for now: the place is fab.


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Knotts berry farm has updated there rapids ride with animatronics and some general theming.

When I rode this in 2017 I found it forgettable, especially when comparing it to the log flume in the park ( which is the best log flume I’ve been on ). These additions add much more to a bland ride and make it great for family’s.



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