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Small News From The Theme Park Industry


Yeah, it's going to be a Star Flyer I bet. Pretty exciting though, but of all the areas that NEED more rides (France and Ireland come to mind), why Germany?


I can't talk about my source, he is telling me that he won't tell his source. U have to believe me, its an correct person. The partys talking with each other right now. ATM its 60% deal done. I will keep u updated.


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tbf, you can see why it's hard to believe. So keep me in the sceptical camp for now.

Equally, not too sure how I'd feel about Mack owning Phantasialand anyways..


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Yeah there's no chance of that... The Löffelhardts haven't put all their passion and energy into the place just to sell it. Plus I can't see the Macks being interested another park.
While Robert and Manuela might be thinking of the future given both are in their late 50s by now; however I imagine their daughter Joelle will take over. While she seemingly more interested in the arts (she performs now in the park's shows) rather than theme park management, there's still others in the business to keep things going and she does have a great interest in the park. Plus the Löffelhardts have been critical of parks owned by chains so hopefully that principle will safeguard it.
I'd be very worried if Phantasialand and the Löffelhardts parted ways but I'm doubtful it'll happen.

I'll also bet that this has come about as misinformation from the suggestion of one person on PhantaFriends a few days ago that the Macks would buy it; their reasoning being that the annual pass was renamed just like EP's, Michael Mack was spotted visiting last year and the Temple VR is from Mack Media. On there it was shot down because there's absolutely no valid reasoning. Disney and Universal executives have visited PHL recently doesn't mean either will purchase the place.