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Six Flags Great America will be the next Six Flags to get solar power.

Comments by Selim Bassoul on the Q1 2024 Earnings Call:
"Before opening the call for your questions, I want to highlight an initiative that we are particularly proud of. This summer, we expect to complete our third major solar installation at Six Flags Magic Mountain which is expected to save over $100 million over the next 30 years and it will provide a convenient shaded parking option for our guests. That is another convenience for our guests.

Combined with our solar installation at Six Flags Great Adventures and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, we will be the largest producer of car port solar power in North America. Also, we have finalized plans to launch our fourth solar installation project at Six Flags Great America. These initiatives are a win-win for everyone we serve. They serve our guests by improving our parking lots, they serve our communities by using renewable energy to power our parks and they serve our shareholders by reducing our operating costs."



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Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce has reopened! The award-winning terrain wooden coaster received 1,000 feet (305 m) of new Titan Track and the train has been transformed by PTC. I'll be heading up there soon and will post on how it rides.

Is it really a wooden coaster company if it hasn't worked on Boulder Dash?

I swear I've heard at some point, every manufacturer who deals with timber has touched this damn thing now. Curious to hear how it rides, I'll be up in Connecticut in about 6 weeks so it might be worth a swing by to see how i'ts doing.


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One of my GFs friends was saying how she rode a coaster in a mall in spain 🤔, turns out after a delay Spain's newest park and (checks RCDB) only new coaster this year opened.

Babylon park opened last month and has a figure 8 SBF spinner, sadly not a more interesting coaster but hay ho. I do wonder how many more of these parks will pop up.



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Was at Six Flags St Louis today.... and while at the park, I saw the Boomerang valley....but what makes it interesting is, the park actually reset it and *reopened* it the same day....so I tempted fate and gave it a courtesy ride 🤷‍♂️

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I've been on a few SLCs (and Boomerangs) with new trains and still didn't experience a good ride, regardless of manufacturer (Vekoma or KumbaK). The Great Nor'Easter at Morey's is the only exception I can think of.
I skipped riding Mind Eraser on my visits to the park in 2009-2010 and will likely do so again if I ever go back.

On a side note - it's great to have you back Ollie.


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Gröna Lund has taken the step to ban bags and other luggage being brought into the park on concert days. This comes as a request from the Swedish police due to heightened terror alert in the country, making Gröna Lund a comparable target to sports arenas and other large event venues. Medical and sanitary bags are exempt from the ban but will be searched by security at the gates. The park offers bags that can be purchased within the area, but these are not allowed to be brought into the park a second time.

Liseberg, meanwhile, is currently not subject to any bag policy, even on concert days.


Rob Coasters

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Speed of Sound at Walibi Holland has new audio, replacing 'Thrill Ride' with 'Burn It To The Ground' in order to fit the new Playground area better.

In the article is a link to listen to the new music, but an onride POV featuring the change is not up yet.