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Slowest Moving Line you have been in


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Any Wild Mouse.. just insanely crappy.. especially if the staff is terrible.

I can't think of any specific ride offhand tho.


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Just thought of one:

Dragon Khan one time I went, may have been '07/'09? They had a one train operation and the cattle-pen was nearly full. Half-way through the queue duration, they added another train, causing another ball-ache of minutes, that mixed with the silly dispatching where everyone is held in the station after exiting and then let out the queue! Not good.


Air at night. I got in, and the extension queue was open. It is one of the biggest I have ever seen, even though it is probably the prettiest. After 30 min, I noticed no cars were going. I think one of the cars was having problems. After 15 min, 1 train was sent, and it had to take the full capacity of the queue... When we were nearly there after 1 hour and a half, the train stopped on the lift hill. To cut a long story short, we were stuck in the queue for nearly 2 hours, and we missed our dinner reservation at the hotel...


X2 was almost a 2 hour wait, but I do have to admit the ride was worth it.

Other than that I'd say Space Mountain or I305.
Space Mountain at Disneyworld. Probably about 3 hours.

At my home park, Kings Dominion, Volcano-2.5 hours
Flight of Fear-2.5 hours

Too long to wait if you ask me.
^ That line was very fast for me. i had a pile of ppl in front of me and only 1 train per side and they worked FAST to get people on and off. I did each side 3 times in an hour.


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^ On every coaster at the park that day, the queues should have been maybe 10 minutes at the most and were all about 45 minutes long because the lazy ride operators were too busy worrying about socializing than actually doing their job. I'm not the only one who has experienced it because it is a regular complaint from visitors. I guess you just went on a good day!


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Coming from someone who worked at one briefly in Chicago, that's just Six Flags in general. Their training for rides, although with good intention, is sloppy at best. A great portion of the people working there don't give two craps about getting people on and off quickly, and the parks themselves I've never seen run more than 2 trains, even with rides that can run 3 (Raging Bull(****) comes to mind).

Anyways, Wildcat and anything like it has bad waits. I can't stand those low capacity rides.

SFGAm is horrible about running three trains on Demon and Whizzer. Whenever they do it usuaslly double stacks. However RB runs 3 trains oftenly. Pretty much everyday during June July and August. They were running three trains on Sat on a day that they probably won't be getting a huge amount of guests. And one train operation is pretty much un hear of at SFGAm. This isnt Knott's Berry Farm or Six Flags America. And Mt Olympus is about 3 hours futher up I 94. American Eagle is another forte of theirs. This isnt SFMM or whatever clowns of parks barely run both sides. Although recently they havent been opening one side until 1ish they still make the efforts to run both sides. Some rides like V2, Rajun Cajun and Dark Night have horrible capacity but Raging Bull is not one of them


Hydro. It had one car and the safety checks on it took for ever. If one persons restraint wasn't down enough, everybodys restraint would have to come up and start again.

I would say it was ridiculous, but after the death oakwood had on hydro, I guess it makes sense that they want to be extra-extra-extra careful with that ride


Jungle Coaster at Legoland after the hoods.
The queue was so bad, a 10 min queue usually became at least 30mins. Only 2 adults per ride in the back.


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in england stealth after it had just opened, a wait time of 2 hrs turned into about 3 and a half after breaking down 3 times. and recently splash mountain at magic kingdom, which was only half hour :)


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^Although you do get long lines for Stealth the queue doesn't seem like you're stood still for too long (unless it breaks down).
I hate the queues where you feel like you're making no progress. Like you seem to be stuck in one section of the queue forever or you think you're near the end and you go round the corner and there's another massive cattlepen. Saw is pretty bad for that lol. :p


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same with furious baco its just non stop queue but least you got stuff to look at and you can see the ride going past :)


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Lfisher92 said:
same with furious baco its just non stop queue but least you got stuff to look at and you can see the ride going past :)
You've also got Baco's AMAZING theme music playing as you queue so the time flies. :p