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Silver Dollar City | Time Traveler | Mack Looping Launched Spinner


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If you wanted a review of a lurker, this instantly became my favourite spinning coaster ousting Winjas theming and clever tricks with raw awe.

As you approach the ride sign easily catches your eye given the moving parts - loved that. You see the queue entrance which right next to the entrance of another big ride (Thunderation) and something more parks should do, even if not necessary.

The combined queue and station was lacking moving cogs which I expected but managed just fine without, and was all very well done. There are a couple of windows to peak at the ride situated in a pit of dirt.

The cars look wonderful, and have loads of space to get in and out. the LED detailing was a nice touch.

As the train leaves the station there is a fixed magnet on the floor to start each car spinning. If you want to face forwards down the drop, start in the second row. Or for something whippier sit at the back. Assigned seating will make this more luck than anything but keeps the queue moving. It also makes odd numbers in cars unlikely and only saw it once but those riders laughed and screamed throughout.

The vertical drop out of the station does have a holding break - all of this works and still picks up the pace quickly.

Spinners often promote themselves as never having the same ride twice. When that involves inversions its incredible, possibly facing all of the ways, and this has launches to boot. Okay, you are stopped on the first launch for whatever reason, not what I would have done, but you fly through the second and have a wonderful time on both.

The restraints are really comfortable, and for fun I went floppy on most rides to enjoy the motion. Therefore it was entirely my own fault that on one ride my head collided with my head rest. Still though I cannot emphasise enough how cool upside down spinning is, and a lot more family friendly than a 4D coaster - as can be seen by all ages riding.

For me the biggest shame was that the Trailblazer (fast pass) only gets you on this once and you don't actually time travel to reuse it. (plus Outlaw runs queue was always short so the park needs to be very busy to justify)

Loved this ride.
That's great to hear! I haven't heard anything short of love for the ride, especially compared to others in it's type. Yeah, it's not a world beater, but definitely a ride worth getting on.