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Saw or Th13teen?

Saw or Th13teen

  • Saw

    Votes: 27 73.0%
  • Th13teen

    Votes: 10 27.0%

  • Total voters

the king

Mega Poster
Saw by miles. The way it is, is a great thing to experience how everything combines together well, with the layout and the theming. But thirteen. Bah, a waste of space. Only good parts of that coaster is the first drop and the freefall section. Everything in saw is great.


Strata Poster
I quite like Thirteen. Obviously it's not the most thrilling coaster in the world, but I find it fun and re-rideable.

I guess I wasn't STUPID enough to believe the silly marketing. It shocks and angers me to this day that so many enthusiasts were just total idiots by expecting more when we KNEW what it was going to do, we'd SEEN the plans. UGH.

Rant over, I'm voting for Thirteen. Saw is vile.

Mysterious Sue

Strata Poster
I seem to be in the minority voting for Thirteen. Although it's a bit lame, I would much rather re-ride that than the painfulness that is Saw.


Staff member
Social Media Team
Saw. I actually quite like it, and have never felt the "pain" that so many people bitch about.

Thirteen was fun (kind of) the first time around, but is barely worth a reride once the "surprise" has been done with.