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Roughest/Worst coaster you've ridden?


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Really? Rougarou has been my favorite floorless, albeit on a somewhat limited sample.
It's definitely not worse than Corkscrew but the entrance to Rougarou's corkscrew has a terrible jolt on top of some general shakiness throughout.

I'd throw Kingda Ka in this list, what an awful coaster. Still haven't worked out how the train didn't shake itself apart on the launch.

Joao Franco

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Montezum, Hopi Hari - that was the most painful woodie I've ever been on (don't try it backwards).
Dragon Kahn, Portaventura - it was worst than Furious Baco last summer - rode twice in a row, had a migraine crisis for 2 days.
El Condor, Walibi Holland - no words.
Goudurix, Parc Asterix - felt like El Condor but different.
Can deal with most SLCs, can deal with baco, can deal with smiler, can deal with Hero, can even deal with any euro fighter, or all of the blackpool woodies... But El Condor at Walabi Holland is probably the only coaster I will NEVER ride again, no matter what. It’s insane, you don’t just have the usual side to side bashing and the usual insane roughness, the trains can be physically seen shuffling backwards and forwards, it’s horrible.


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Grizzly CGA - Not even that rough really but it's so boring and stupid. It does literally nothing and isn't even fun.