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Roughest/Worst coaster you've ridden?


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Just curious what everyone's roughest or worst coaster they've ridden at a major theme park.
Please exclude carnival/fair coasters and rides.

For me, personally, it has to be The Boardwalk Bullet at the Kema Boardwalk, just north of Galveston, TX. http://rcdb.com/3757.htm
In theory, this looked like a great coaster, but in reality it was absolutely horrible and built on a much too small and compact footprint. I rode it a few years ago not too long after it opened, and held on to the lap bar with a death grip once we got past the first drop. It was painful while riding and I couldn't wait for it to be over. My ribs actually hurt for a couple of days after due to be banged around so much.

BTW: Is there anywhere that allows people to rate and review coasters, kind of like Yelp or TripAdvisor. I love RCDB, but it really could use a review/rating system.


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Ultimate at Lightwater Valley by far. Nothing can compare to that, especially when ridden in driving rain! Had bruises on my knees for weeks afterwards!


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Furious Baco is absolutely Vile and same with Saw: The Ride, they both have horrendous spine rattling vibrations that leave you with a banging head ache.
The Grand National when you sit over the wheels wins it for me though, earier this month I sat over the wheel and at the bottom of each drop it felt as if I got drop kicked in my chest! Then we sat in the middle of the car (not the train), like I always try to and it was fantastic like usual.

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The basic Jordanovichy in me would say Wild Mouse or Grand National at Blackpool, but in my old age I have realised that actually, whilst the roughest (probably) that doesn't mean worst.

Therefore, the honour of the worst coaster goes to.......MP Xpress at Movie Park Germany!
Mine is pretty cliche but it's Mean Streak. It's like riding a jackhammer through a pothole filled street during an earthquake that registers at 9 on the Richter scale. The only difference is that at least the simile would be interesting.

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Furious Baco. So much pain.

Also I didn't find much issue with Boardwalk Bullet. No where even close to my bottom of most painful coasters personally.


Stampida is the roughest and worst, if all of it was as smooth as the retracked bit it'd be a 7/10 coaster but its a 1 until they sort it right out.

Furius Baco. I like the rides fun launch but the roughnes saddens me so much :cry: :cry: . If SLC's were B&M smooth they'd just be half decent but if Baco was super smooth it would be **** dope! I'd like to see work done on Baco more than Stampida, please park managers, do something about it. If I was in charge I'd be like "**** it, Im gonna buy some normal trains with Mavericks new restraint type."


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A few of mine:

Baco - As mentioned
Mean streak
Bandit (movie park) - like mean streak, so rattly
Flying fish - I don't know how they get a mack powered coaster to be so jolty!
Mind eraser - wherever they have a mind eraser..
Space coaster and tornado at M & Ds
and lastly - "Fly the great nor easter" at moreys piers - ac name, has the new soft restraints but is just the pits!


^ Ooh Tornado at M&Ds is a monstrosity. I'd be very tempted to chicken out if I went :oops: (but I wouldn't of course)


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Easily this **** thing.

Flight Deck at Canada's Wonderland. This is by far the worst Saw-like death machine from Vekoma I've ridden. The entire ride you feel like the train isn't actually on the tracks and just bouncing around on the wheel assembly, beating you up the entire way. That little turn from the brakes into the station that you take at like 2 mph? I hit my head on that turn.

Vile, vile coaster. Somebody ought to chop it up and burn the pieces at the bottom of a massive hole.


This is what Stampida's rubbish Kumbak trains deserve


I was surprised not to see kids coming off crying or something because it beats you up so bad.


Having ridden several of the coasters mentioned in this thread this year, including The Ultimate and all the Blackpool ones, I can confirm that Tornado at M&D's is the worst by a long way. Sheer agony!


I too would have to go with Baco - the only coaster I refuse to re-ride. It's a shame because if it was smooth it'd probably be a top-rated coaster.

Have to disagree with those who say Stampida though. It's definitely rough but I actually think it's a great coaster and the shaking is just about bearable if you hold on.


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Coaster Express at Parque Warner was awful when I rode it. Roughest steel has to be the coaster at New York New York, tied with Iron Wolf when it was at Six Flags Great America. Awful.... :)


DelPiero said:
Any SLC, pick one, they all proudly prop up my big apples at the bottom of my list.

El Condor at Walibi Holland gets a mention though for being especially dreadful.