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Rita vs Stealth

Rita VS Stealth

  • Rita, Alton Towers

    Votes: 9 25.7%
  • Stealth, Thorpe Park

    Votes: 26 74.3%

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TP Rich

Hyper Poster
Stealth is just along and up, after that it's quite dull. Rita is something different, not the best ride in the world, but it's more interesting, so it gets my vote.


Hyper Poster
Stealth is also a pretty small launch coaster when you compare it to Top Thrill and Ka. For me Stealth doesn't even come close to Top Thrill (still have to ride Ka). and I'm not too into the one-trick-ponies.


Hyper Poster
I'm still baffled how people can claim to feel such a striking difference in launch force. I think if you didn't know the stats then no one would be saying Stealth's is so much better.

I get the same buzz from each, but I enjoy Rita's dips at speed and there's more airtime across their train than there is on Stealth.

Stealth coming to an almost stop and oozing down the childlike-in-comparison-to-KK/TTD drop like treacle kills the momentum for me, I prefer Rita's continuous speed.


Giga Poster
^I guess it varies among people, but to me there's a huge difference between the launches of Stealth and Rita! To me Rita has a good launch, but it's a little bit too short and not powerful enough to give me the buzz that Stealth delievers. Stealth on the other hand lasts a little bit longer and the extra powerful launch gives me a great buzz!


Hyper Poster
Stealth is probably the most awsome coaster I have ever been on, but not the best.

I can't say anything in the difference in the launch, compared to Rita. But compared to Kanonen and Speed Monster I could feel a big big difference. I alomost blacked out trying to keep my hands up the whole launch.