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Ride Sims is Back!

I've been playing this a bit. Quite like the Disneyland Paris Rock N Roller Coaster one. And with that closing in less than two weeks playing this is making me feel very nostalgic. The sounds especially are great and makes you think you are there.

I wonder how ridesims will cope with the phasing out of Flash. Just saw an app popup come up stating that Chrome will drop Flash support from Dec 2020. That doesn't mean to say it will stop working straight away but I guess Ridesims might have to try something else if it were to survive for a long time.

Can't figure out the monorail one. I have no idea what is going on there. But not given it much time.

Would love to see versions of Untamed, The Big One (with ability to run 3 trains) or a giga coaster such as Fury 325.