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Ride Sims is Back!


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I couldn't find a thread for this anywhere else and I wasn't sure where to post it but after three years, Ride Sims has returned as of 5th January 2019 as Ride Sims 2, where you can simulate operate different rides, such as Taron, Helix and Baron 1898. It's a lot of fun in my opinion, and there are currently 8 different rides in the game, with more being added in the near future. Here's the link to the website:-

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Wow, looks cool! I also recently saw some YouTube videos pop up about this; I'll have to check it out.


I've played all the coasters so far and I'm loving it. The Space Mountain one requires a lot of concentration to run 5 trains with no stacking while manually controlling the switch tracks, it's a decent little challenge. I also find it satisfying how most of the coasters play the real audio when you dispatch a train. Definitely a website I'll be returning to when I've got half an hour to kill.


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Oh man do I love this site. Obviously not 100% accurate, but it's still bucket loads of fun. I spent a solid hour on the monorail yesterday, and I might just do it again today haha.

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In trying to play this - does anyone else have a horrible Flash experience and start clicking random buttons?


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And on the same day the Apocalypse sim is released, the BTMR at Magic Kingdom starts beta testing!
EDIT:- BTMR has now been released publicly on the game.
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If you check out the Matterhorn Bobsleds sim and look at whose got the highest score, you might see a familiar name :p. Not sure for how long though!