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Rhein Airtime (Germany Live) Trip reports!


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I was thinking just before.

If I went back to germany there are actually quite a few rides I would not do and if Europa were not building a new coaster I would not even go back there. The best thing about the park is they have a Milka cocolate shop hehe which Joey and I were very happy with.

Would I go back to Holiday Park, no not even for EGF.
Movie World, again no unless something new was built.
Phantasisaland, yes as there are alot of rides we did not have time to do. Plus its worth going back for Mamba and the Mine Train.

I would go to other parks in Germany next time, dont get me wrong I loved the trip but the only park that stood out for me was Phantasialand.

I dont know how the rest of you feel, but I bet some feel the same.


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I agree with everything you said there Marc. Most the parks on this trip were ones that are only worth visiting once.
Or Phantasialand may have just kicked the ass of every single park ever (including Disney). :p


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No I still think Disney is better, not for the rides but for the park shows etc.

Phantasialand for me has 2 stand out coasters, but there are some dark rides there that are meant to be very good. Its the sort of park you can go to and find new things. Plus I did not do the rapids which I do regret but anyone who knows me knows I would get soaked lol.

We found the same in California tbh alot of the parks there are only worth the 1 visit.


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I only went on one ride I wouldn't go on again at Phantasialand. And that was the Log Flume.

That park was just supurb. Even the crappy Vekoma in the dark thing rocked.

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Yeah, I had a great trip but I wouldn't rush back to any of these parks apart from Phantasialand.

Having said that though, I think Tripsdrill would be worth a visit, and if the trip was going ahead again, I'd quite like to spend a day there.

Although, this is the beauty of theme parks, even though most aren't worth rushing back too, there are so many out there that there are plenty of other places to go to before there is a need to return to Germany, and when we do, the parks will probably have changed a fair bit.

Obviously though, Oktoberfest is a priority all of a sudden!


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I'll be going back to Phantasialand in the future for certain!

And I agree with Rich, I wouldn't mind giving Tripsdrill another chance, it's such a unique park, and we didn't get on the flume or the rapids. Shame it's such a git to get to.

Europa's going to have to work very hard to get me back there.

I can feel the draw of Heide Park and Toverland though for next time - in the week of the Dusseldorf fair obviously :p.

And I'm still missing bratwurst.


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I have to be honest I am sort of thinking of going back next year for the fair and for some more German parks, but I think I would rather wait a few year years and just do the other fair next year.

I would also like to go back to Tripsdrill but I would not really go out my way to go. If I was near there I would pop in but I would probably only go for a morning or get there for 12. I dont think you need a whole day, it would just be a relaxing day and I think thats what that park is. Its a nice fun park where they want people to have fun in a nice environment. People that went will know what I mean, the place just does not feel like a theme park.

I agree with Slayed about Europa, for a park that wants to be the best in Europe they need to improve. The park has alot of rides but not one stands out really, I did enjoy Euromir though but the 2nd time would not be as good. All the lands sort of just merge into each other and it all feels to crowed. For me the best part of the park was the mine train and that is only due to the nice smell in the cave.

For some reason I just miss Germany which is strange I just felt so happy and welcome there, but for no reason god knows. I am just strange lol.


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I would head back to Phantasialand in a heartbeat, no question. I'd also re-visit holiday park again (providing it isn't raining. Because of EGF. It's not very often I would go somewhere for a single ride, but that is certainly one of them.

Plus I want to do Oktoberfest too!


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Hmmm Dusseldorf Fair was awesome.... Especialy Alpina Bhan at the front at night......



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Day 2: Phantasialand

What surprised everyone who hadn't been here before is that this park is right in the middle of a residential area.

Anyway we arrived at the park, our car was last there as we had to park in the overflow at the back of the park.
We walked round to the main entrance and faffed around a bit while Slayed got the tickets.

Right next to the entrance was something awesome.


Anyway, we got into the park and we instantly taken into another world. The themeing was amazing and it was much better than Disney. Yes, really it was.



We got to the end of the main street and we all instantly agreed on the ride we wanted to do first.
























Inside the station:

And some shots of the surrounding themeing:






Anyway, I'll shall stop teasing you with awesome pictures of Black Mamba...

...for now. :p

We then all decided to do Talocan. Where I came up with a fantastic idea to make sure I got on the row facing towards all the effects (you had to be there to know).

After that we decided to go on the duelling log flume. I think we chose the one called 'White Water'. The water smelt though. We didn't know which one was best so we just chose the one with the biggest drop. :p

We then had a load of fun of following Will-i-am's directions to get to Colorado Adventure where we all wanted to follow the signposts, but Will-i-am took us the long scenic route. :p






The ride is tonnes better than Big Thunder Mountain. And was easily the best mine train we had ridden.

Anyway, I had been excited at the idea of a haunt in the queue line of Mystery Castle, so I lead the group over there. I was a bit disappointed as there were only two actors that day (there's meant to be 5 or 6), so I figured that it was because it was a weekday.















It then started to pour down with rain so we decided to do Mystery River.

The first thing we saw on our way to the queue was this: :shock:

THIS IS THE BEST RAPIDS I HAVE EVER BEEN ON!!! The boats all folded and bent in half, and even if the water didn't come over the edge, it blasted up through the middle of the boat and soaked everyone. It's got huge drops, vertical lifts, whirlpools, waterfalls, and sudden drops and turns.




We then all decided to split for lunch and meet back in 'Wuze Town' where Winjas is.
I went back to the burger place by the log flume where we grabbed a snack earlier on in the day, and then joined some others and did some souvenir shopping. :p

We then all met in Wuze town, but decided first to go on Temple of the Night Hawk. This was where the themeing in the park lacked. The queue just kept going up and up. and we could tell that we were right near the roof of the building in the station. So we all predicted that the ride would drop out of the station.
So it surprised us when we went round the first bend only to be greeted by a massive lift hill, which really gave of the scale of the building.
The ride was really long and the layout was fun. And it had some light coming through so you could see head choppers and other trains whooshing round you. The only themeing it had inside the actual ride was some light up hawks that flapped their wings, and the soundtrack could be heard, but needed to be louder to heighten the atmosphere a bit more. It was good though, and what X://NWO dreamt of being.

(Picture taken inside the queue):

We then went back into the Wuze town building and saw a masterpiece of coasters running round us:

They didn't let anyone with bags inside the queue (they had security there to make sure of that) So we all put our stuff in a couple of lockers and headed into the queue.

Sorry about the darkness of these photos, the themeing around the walls was quite good, but the cattle pen queue spoiled it in the middle as the two queues inter-twined.


Looking down through the grills into the station below


Fear was easily the best out of the two, and the tilting vertical lift hill, see-saw track, and amazing elements made both really unique. When we did Force we seemed to break down for at least 10 minutes on every block break, and when we where in the dark ride section of the coaster at the end we could see the mechanics fiddling with something under the track.

And Leighton is probably going to kill me for posting this picture of us on 'Fear' :p

We then heard that the park closing time had been extended by an hour so we rushed over to Black Mamba again and got a few more rides. We then ended the day with another ride on Colorado Adventure going the quick way there this time. :p

Phantasialand is EASILY! the best park I have EVER! been to.

Hope you enjoyed my PTR of day 2. :D


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Been doing my video today, taken me ****ing ages! Like what to put in and what to leave out. I think I did a good job with. Anyway, when I was looking through the video, I noticed on the shot of EGF nearing the brake run, a pink scarf came flying off. So anyone remember that? If not, here is a screen capture.



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Ladies and gentleman, prepare... to hold.... on.... TIGHT



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About time your video showed up. :p

Can you upload the full video you did on that spinning thing at Tripsdrill. That thing was ****ing insane. :p

Good video though.

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Your first really good video Mushroom. The camera was still and the antics were very well used. Obviously your choice of music was dire and there was a bit too much POVing for my liking, but it's a big step up from any of your previous work.

Brought back good memories as well, I might even have to watch it again!


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I'm sure its great, if this video would ever ****ing load!

It's been 10 mins, and i've only got 30 seconds of video! gah! Sometimes I hate Youtube...

Atleast the music's good. :p