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Rank the Star Wars Movies (so far).


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Also forgot to rank the Star Wars films. I used to be a huge Star Wars fan, was into lots of Star Wars legends and the books. Especially loved the Thrawn trilogy by Timothy Zahn. Since then I have mostly moved on to being a Trekkie (betrayed Star Wars, sorry). But I still watch all Star Wars movies and series.

Here is my movie ranking.

1. Revenge of the Sith
- Beautiful , passionate and dark. Incredible movie.
2. The Last Jedi - In a botched and horrible trilogy this was a fresh breeze, finally something new. As a stand alone movie it would surely be more loved. There are issues and it is far from perfect, I still respect the idea of doing something different.
3. The Phantom Menace - Again, this is something fresh and unique and a great way of showing us more of the universe. Plus it has probably the best score and lightsabre duel of any Star Wars movie. I am in the minority but I also like the inclusion of politics and trade.
4. The Empire Strikes Back - This is peak Star Wars, incredibly movie
5. Rogue One - I feel like a broken record but this was again another attempt at doing something new. It's a well made and enjoyable movie.
6. Attack of the Clones - The worst of the prequels, cringe dialogue and weird love scenes but still decent. The Coruscant scenes, Kamino scenes, Clone Wars scenes and Duku duel are still great Star Wars.
8. A New Hope - It's the classic that started it all but sadly I don't think it has aged as well as Empire.
9. Solo - There is nothing bad with this movie, it's enjoyable to watch but it just isn't as thrilling as Rogue One. I always seem to forget it exists.

Those movies are all really good but the two below are just horrible and should be deleted. Make the Last Jedi a stand alone film and forget about these two and the entire botched trilogy. JJ Abrams has made decent Star Trek movies but horrible Star Wars. Feels like he was bound to make things that he thinks are popular instead of being brave to create something truly good and original.

10. The Force Awakens - Lazy copy cat A New Hope and somehow it's still worse than the movie it copied.
11. The Rise of Skywalker - WTF is this? It's a total mess, belongs in the rubbish.

Now to the series.

1. The Clone Wars
- I grew up watching this and it was a big part of my childhood. Some episodes are not that good but others are pure gold.
2. Andor - Incredibly stuff, at the same level as the best of Star Trek
3. Rebels - First season isn't that great but it improves with every season. The last two are masterpieces.
4. The Bad Batch - A worse version of Clone Wars
5. 2003 Clone Wars - It's decent, that's about it.
6. Obi Wan Kenobi - It is botched and poorly made but I liked seeing Ewan McGregor back.
7. The Mandalorian - I am not a huge fan but it's enjoyable to watch.
8. The Book of Boba Fett - First two episodes are good, then it turns into a mess.
9. Resistance - This is a kid series, was to old for it. Otherwise it isn't bad for the target audience.


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Recently re-watched Star Wars (this time with the partner who's never seen any before!)

Definitely been some changes and I'll also include the shows that I've watched.

1. Rogue One
2. Revenge Of The Sith - Still love it, but Rogue One takes the cake just for the difference in story/writing and acting.
3. Andor - This is my kind of Star Wars! Nearly all serious, dark, and totally realistic of how the empire is portrayed.
4. Empire Strikes Back
5. The Mandalorian - I love it, but feel like it can sometimes get a bit reliant on the cameos to make the story more interesting.
6. Attack Of The Clones - Don't judge me! This one is my guilty pleasure and I just love the absolute cringe fest between Anakin and Padme 😂
7. Return Of The Jedi
8. The Force Awakens
9. Phantom Menace
10. A New Hope
11. Rise Of Skywalker
12. The Last Jedi


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I haven't posted on this thread since TROS was released and I also haven't watched any of the movies again since then, except for Revenge of the Sith, which I watched for the first time in probably a decade after the Obi-Wan series finished. I actually enjoyed the first 30 minutes or so and then the very first moment that Anakin and Padme share the screen the whole thing goes to sh*t 😆

So anyway, no change to the movie rankings for me but there have been a few TV series since then so I'll rank those.

1. The Mandalorian - after two seasons it really got into its stride and the finale of Season 2 was amazing at the time. The fan service is embarrassing at times but overall it is great fun.
2. Andor - a very different kind of Star Wars with a slow-burn plot. The acting was fantastic throughout and seeing the machinations of the Empire and the early days of the Rebellion was brilliant. The heist and prison break episodes were phenomenal but I was slightly underwhelmed by the final episode. The whole thing also had a very un-Star Warsy feel to it with a lot of British regional accents and "Earthy" language, including swearing that felt out of place. That took some getting used to, but overall it was very good.
3. Tales of the Jedi - a great series of animated shorts which gives some back story to Ahsoka, Qui-Gonn and Dooku. Very nicely done and in particular made Dooku a more interesting character than he was in the prequels.
4. Obi-Wan - some bits of it were really, really bad, but the final episode with the Kenobi-Vader duel made it worth sitting through the dross parts.
5. Book of Boba Fett - what was this? First few episodes were quite dull and turned the galaxy's most feared bounty hunter into a bit of a joke, then it just ignored him for a bit and tuned into Mando season 2.5, then brought Luke back into it for a bit which retrospectively spoiled what seemed like a fantastic one-off appearance at the end of Mando Season 2. And then there were the "space mods" and their scooters 🤦‍♂️Yeah, it was a mess, although there were still a few enjoyable moments towards the end of the season.

Not watched The Bad Batch yet but may get on that while waiting for Mando S3 and Ahsoka.

Another thing I watched recently was a documentary about the making of the first six films which is on Amazon's FreeVee free streaming platform. Well worth a watch, it paints Lucas' "creative genius" in a very different light and has some funny moments.

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I really need to do a rewatch of all the films again and revisit my rankings. I genuinely enjoy all of them while recognizing that some are clearly worse than others.

The originals will always be among the top. It's what we were introduced with and it has the best characters. The prequels are a guilty pleasure (Sith is actually good), HEAVILY elevated by Clone Wars and other shows. They have the best world building of the three trilogies. If only we had someone like Filoni helm them instead of Lucas, they could've been great.

I'll defend the sequels (especially Last Jedi) but I could see my opinion changing over the next several years as I haven't really watched them since their release and most of the TV stuff has tied into other trilogies. I think besides the clashing visions each director had, my biggest problem with them is I feel like we don't know the characters that well, which I realized is the most important thing about Star Wars. Not the world, not the ground breaking special effects, but the characters (and why the OT is still the best). Force Awakens I feel like all the characters were likeable, which is why it's the most "fun" of those three films, but by the time you get to Rise you don't feel like you know who Poe or Finn really are anymore.

I do feel pretty comfortable with this TV ranking:

1. Obi-Wan Kenobi - Really confused why people don't like this? This is the best Star Wars content Disney has put out. Loved Ewan's performance and it's the best version of Darth Vader we've seen (i.e. actually scary and evil).

2. Mandalorian - Friend of mine described it as "Star Wars crack" which is pretty fitting. Yeah the cameos in season 2 elevate it for me, but come on. It's a lot of fun.

3. Clone Wars - The best episodes of Clone Wars are peak Star Wars, and this series saved the prequels. But I can't put it on top because every now and then you get an episode focused on Jar Jar or some other BS. I like the structure of following different arcs rather than a continuous series. It'll make for an easier rewatch when you can just skip the bad stuff.

4. Andor - Love how this isn't Star Wars genre, but a great drama series that happens to take place in Star Wars, with minimal connection to other characters. Love how it follows the Clone Wars arc structure with slow builds and big payoff. Only real problem for me was it was I had a hard time remembering character's names, but completely understand why many think it's the best series.

5. The Bad Batch - I don't love the Clone focused episodes from the Clone Wars but this is solid enough. Some of the characters are a little one dimensional and they need to move on from the meaningless bounty mission episodes.

6. Book of Boba Fett. - I tried to see the good in the Tuskan Raider world building, but I have no desire to rewatch those episodes lol. I guess this all comes down to Boba Fett not being a good enough character to carry his own show. That said, the penultimate episode is essential for any Star Wars fan, but that's it.

I tried giving Star Wars Rebels a watch but gave up after four episodes. I might give it another chance but it's too kid focused for me.

Tales of the Jedi is also excellent. It just seems weird that it exists. Seems that the producers ended Clone Wars too soon and now don't know what to do with themselves.


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I tried giving Star Wars Rebels a watch but gave up after four episodes. I might give it another chance but it's too kid focused for me.
It is very much a kids show for the first season but gets a lot more mature in the later ones. Worth sticking with for sure as there are a lot of characters introduced in there that you are going to be seeing in upcoming live action shows.


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Can't believe noone (including me) has posted in here since Andor was a thing.

Andor was blooming marvellous. Easily the best of the TV shows and pushing for the top of the list overall.
Working my way through the entire SW from TPM all the way to TROS with the boy and Andor is on the list to watch, will be a month or so before we get into it though, have all of Kenobi and Solo to watch first.
Have heard great things though.


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The Obi-Wan show has a promising set up but unfortunately becomes dire because of the complete lack of suspense and threat, that being due to the lack of compelling original narrative.

This is a problem with many ‘prequel’ series. It only worked in Rogue One because we didn’t know the fates of any of the characters.

When you’re main stakes are the fates of Obi-Wan and the usual gang then… 🤷‍♂️