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Rank the RMCs


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I guess I'm in the minority here but IDK, I dont think the lack of dueling hurts TC. Dueling may enhance the experience but I have gotten the vibe lots seem to think it falls way off w/o it but I still thought it was brilliant. Still got all the air, wild elements, intensity, 2 rides for price of 1. I thought it was superb, and didnt think it lost anything by the fact it wasnt dueling. OK I never had it duel so I guess I cant compare but I deff didn't get off thinking "was fun but damn if only it did...." the only reason I dont have it as a top tier RMC was because the pacing IS pretty jank, and that's unavoidable duel or not. But yeah maybe I'm alone in thinking it doesnt suffer w/o dueling. Also someone said it above but you get TWO RMCs each ride. Like it would be a bit short on its own, but instead of running back on line thinking dang a tad short, it just goes around again. Yeah makes the pacing weird and I agree but like, how superb is that?

As this is the thread for RMC discussion, I must admit that while every single one of their rides looks brilliant, there are a few that seem to be really highly rated that I often wonder why they’re as highly rated as they are, particularly some of the company’s earlier creations. The ones I’m thinking of are:
  • Goliath at Six Flags Great America: From a non-rider’s perspective, it’s always looked quite short and lacking in some of the elements that make the RMCs so revered on the whole (it doesn’t look like it has much airtime, and the elements don’t look quite as crazy compared with some of the later ones), but it often gets really highly rated among RMCs, even when compared with some of the newer ones.
  • Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas: Compared with some of the others, this one doesn’t look quite as fast paced or as crazy, nor does it look to have the airtime that some of the others are known for; apart from the drop off the quarry, it doesn’t look to do as much as many of RMC’s other creations, but it often gets really raved about and ranked very highly among the RMCs.
  • Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City: I admit that this one does look like great fun, with excellent pacing and a nice location, but it’s never looked like a really strong RMC to me; it seems to focus a lot more on speed and inversions than some of the other elements that tend to make RMCs really highly rated. However, this is another one that always gets absolutely raved about.
So I’d be intrigued to know; why are these particular RMCs so highly rated in comparison to some of the other ones?

Hmmmm interesting, perhaps this is where perception can vary wildly? I always got the feeling Goliath and IR were considered their 2 least great. I certainly hear those talked about the least/comes up very little. Even when they were new I recall there being some "WOW!" but quickly faded. So maybe that's my perception/circles I keep. But yeah not having ridden those 3 certainly Goliath and IR appear to be the weakest, they are both on the shorter end, lack as many elements esp Goliath.


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  1. Steel Vengeance
  2. Lightning Rod
  3. Outlaw Run
  4. Goliath
  5. Wonder Woman
  6. Storm Chaser
  7. Twisted Cyclone
  8. Joker
  9. Wicked Cyclone
  10. New Texas Giant
  11. Twisted Colossus

Gal Gadot. I have seen the light. I still cannot believe how rambunctious the ride was. I'm actually still processing it so it's tough to properly rank it. The only thing to knock it for is it's length. Gal is just a smidge too short, but luckily RMC will be answering that with Jersey Devil next year.

New Texas Giant is not last. I think a lot of that has to do with the ride simply igniting a revolution in the industry, but the ride itself is great. The turns in the first half were way more fun than I expected, and even though the airtime isn't bat**** intense like all of the other rides on the list, there's still plenty of it. It's RMC greatness, just the most unrefined of the lot.

Lastly, **** Six Flags' ineptitude with operations. I missed out on Iron Rattler...I'll detail why in my eventual trip report.

  1. Steel Vengeance
  2. Lightning Rod
  3. Outlaw Run
  4. Goliath
  5. Twisted Timbers
  6. Jersey Devil Coaster
  7. Wonder Woman
  8. Storm Chaser
  9. Twisted Cyclone
  10. Joker
  11. Wicked Cyclone
  12. New Texas Giant
  13. Twisted Colossus

Still subject to change.


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1. Steel Vengeance - There isn't a whole lot to say that hasn't been said on here, but it's really the length and amount of elements packed in here that push it to the top. Night rides on this were legendary

2. Lightning Rod - If we're looking at the quality of elements, this one probably has the best: looking at the quad down, wave turn, and banked air hill in particular. Honestly if this was longer or I had had a night ride it might be #1.

4. Twisted Timbers - So good!! Basically a longer version of Storm Chaser, while maintaining a perfect pace. The three camelbacks are delicious.

3. Storm Chaser - I've ridden this at a few different speeds/sets of wheels. In 2019 it probably had the most violent airtime on any coaster ever. Was running a little slower in 2020, but I hear it's even faster now. Regardless, it's a great mix of strong airtime and floaty inversions.

4. Wicked Cyclone - Unless it's first thing in the morning, I'm not bothered by the pacing issues. Some great airtime and great inversions, but definitely a step down from the four above.

5. Twisted Cyclone - Only got one ride so it doesn't seem fair to rank it properly. It was impressive though and had some strong airtime. It is a little short but if it were any longer and the pacing would've dwindled out. It's tricky given the momentum it has.

Hoping to finally get Jersey Devil soon!